Donald Trump’s Mug Shot Was Released After Getting Booked At Atlanta Jail  


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August 25, 2023

Donald Trump’s Mug Shot Was Released After Getting Booked At Atlanta Jail

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    On 24 August, Former President Donald Trump’s mug shot was released. This mug shot was taken after he was booked at Atlanta jail on several charges during the 2020 election results. These charges were based on several felony charges that point toward conspiring to overturn the 2020 election results in Georgia.

    This is the first for any president to get his mug shot released to the public. The mug shot shows an unsmiling Trump glaring directly towards the camera. According to the records of Fulton County Jail, Trump’s inmate number is P01135809.

    This image represents a critical moment in Trump’s life as he previously did not submit any photographs while making appearances in three other criminal cases.

    Trump used this mug shot to his advantage as he posted the image on the X (formerly Twitter)platform. The image is accompanied by a message defending his action and asking for donations.

    This is the first post on X site after his account was banned due to a mob attack in the U.S. Capitol on 2021 6 January. Elon Musk, the new owner of Twitter, renamed as X, reinstated Trump’s account last year after taking over the platform.

    Trump spent 20 minutes at the Fulton County Jail before returning to his golf club. He repeated his claim that the opposition and prosecutors he faces are all politically motivated.

    He told the reporters, “What has taken place here is a travesty of justice. I did nothing wrong, and everybody knows it.” Trump has entered unexplored territory by being the first United States president to face so many criminal charges.

    Even after the mounting charges against him, he prepares for the next campaign for the next term to become the President. The charges have only helped bolster his standing as a strong Republican candidate against Democratic President Biden.

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