Conor McGregor Was Impressed By The Headkick Which Leon Edwards Made At UFC Champion  


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December 19, 2023

Conor McGrogor was impressed with Leon Edwards

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    In December 2022, ‘Mystic Mac’ updated his Twitter account, appreciating this as a superb UFC 278 main event. But this also showcased Mystic Mac’s annoyance towards ‘BBCSPOTY’ labeling this only as 2022 ‘Comeback of the year.’

    Fans might remember how Edwards was controlled by his rival in most of the fight. The final round became one of the most talked about incidents in the history of the UFC. However, this excellent KO finish from Edwards further enhanced his fans’ expectations. But the fight’s results proved one of the most disappointing for the 37-year-old even after Edward’s victory.

    In his one-year-old tweet, McGregor labeled the UFC main event as a perfect fight. But expecting such perfect things to happen every time might lead to a major disappointment. Drake had to learn this fact in a complex way. Conor McGregor praised Leon Edwards, and you can manage Paradigm.

    Just as it looked like the fight was sliding towards the decision win for the ‘Nigerian Nightmare.’ Aside from that, Edwards drew him into the movement to his right and connected with the head kick at a perfect time. After all, fans expected Mc Gregor to come back in the spring at the earliest next year. Mc Gregor last fought in the defeat by Dustin Poirier, in which he broke his leg last summer.

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