Firefighters Suppress Wildfire Near Lake Louise Road, Whatcom County: Swift Response Ensures Control  


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August 17, 2023

Wildfire Near Lake Louise Road

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    On Monday afternoon, a wildfire incident was swiftly addressed by firefighters hailing from Bellingham, together with multiple fire departments across Whatcom County. This incident occurred within the dense forest vicinity along Lake Louise Road, situated to the east of Bellingham.

    The fire’s ignition stemmed from a fallen tree branch impacting power lines along Lake Louise Road. Managed by Connor England, overseeing personnel from the state Department of Natural Resources, the fire expanded to approximately one-quarter acre in size. The blaze affected the ground-level brush, grasses, and encircled the base of prominent trees on a steep hillside.

    The fire was successfully contained by 3:30 p.m. Firefighters remained engaged on the scene until around 6 p.m., ensuring the area was drenched and examining for any residual smoldering embers. No injuries or structural damages were reported.

    Assisting in this operation were two squads from the Department of Natural Resources, each comprising around a dozen firefighters. These teams relieved personnel from Bellingham, South Whatcom Fire Authority, North Whatcom Fire and Rescue, as well as Whatcom County fire districts 7 and 18.

    Bellingham and Whatcom County units initiated the firefighting efforts, skillfully managing the flames while also providing essential water supply support. Chief Mitch Nolze of South Whatcom Fire Authority acknowledged their pivotal role in sustaining the initial attack and maintaining fire control.

    The dispatch to this incident transpired slightly before 2 p.m., concerning the fire occurrence within the Stimpson Family Nature Reserve, positioned to the south of Lake Whatcom, between the Sudden Valley and Bellingham’s Geneva neighborhood. In a conversation with The Herald, Connor England elaborated that firefighting teams adopted a strategic approach, encircling the fire zone with hose lines and implementing a thorough dousing procedure. To ensure ongoing safety, firefighters will conduct daily inspections to identify any potential resurgence of fire within the dense underbrush.

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