Hurricane Hilary Is Unlikely To Affect Bay Area And Northern California  


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August 18, 2023

Hurricane Hilary and Northern California

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    Hurricane Hilary has taken its course off the northern coast of Central America. The hurricane appears to be taking a path that is directed toward California. So southern parts of the state may get heavy flooding and rainfall. But the Northern California and Bay Area would not be affected much.

    This last winter, California had many days which looked and felt like we were experiencing hurricanes or tropical storms. But now that we are actually going to be hit by Hurricane Hilary it’s going to be something else. We are going to experience the real action of this hurricane.

    Jamie Rhome, the deputy of the National Hurricane Center says, “Hurricanes in the Eastern Pacific that develop and become calm are, not rare at all.” He added, “This is pretty typical in that regard, especially since we are in an El Nino season. The Pacific tends to be very, very active. The uniqueness here is the track towards Southern California.”

    Drew Tuma, ABC7 Meteorologist says that as Hurricane Hilary becomes a major hurricane due to warm water in the ocean and low pressure, this hurricane can slingshot towards Baja California. Later this weekend the hurricane will weaken to a tropical storm while making a landfall in the southern coastline of California.

    Tuma says Hurricane Hilary, “would be the first potential tropical system to make landfall in more than 80 years. So, you could see why many people are really interested in this pretty rare event.” Adding that heavy rainfall will be the biggest hazard in southern California. Desert areas that do not see much rain, could also see several inches of rainfall that can lead to serious flooding, especially in areas like Palm Springs. All scenarios will depend on how strongly Hurricane Hilary makes landfall. By next week Monday and Tuesday, the humidity will be back up again.

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