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September 25, 2021

Dark Mode for Email

Dark mode in email – what is it?

Dark mode in email is what it sounds like, having a dark mode in your inbox.

Have you set the dark mode in your email or any other application?

This mode uses light-colored text and icons on top of a dark background. The dark designs lessen the light emitted from the screen and retain the colors significant for readability.

You might have put in a lot of effort to find emails and build your prospect list; hence you shouldn’t be comprising on any factor that may harm the performance of your campaign.

By the way, if you are not sure about the best tool to find emails, you can prefer GetEmail.io. This tool gives you accurate email addresses.

I hope that was a valuable tip to you.

You should optimize your email for dark mode.

If your target audience has set the dark mode for their inbox and you are sending out emails that are not optimized for dark mode, then it may impact your email deliverability.

  • Your email will appear in its original form, leading to a poor user experience. Suppose that a prospect is lying on their bed with lights off in the night; your unoptimized email will be suddenly blasted in their face with bright light.
  • Sometimes, the inbox might automatically adjust your emails to make them compatible with the dark mode.

So, what’s the problem?

Because of this auto adjustment, your email can get messy, and colors may get inversed to the extent that your email would no longer be eligible.

How do you think your prospects would react?

Your recipients are sure to get annoyed with such negative inbox experiences and will ultimately take any of the below actions against your promotional emails;

  • They would stop opening your emails in the future
  • Unsubscribe from your newsletter email list
  • Report your emails as spam
  • Delete your messages without opening them

When email service providers note such red flags, they might start filtering your emails into the spam folder or block your emails altogether.

On the other hand, optimizing your emails for dark mode will drive more email opens and clicks, which will boost your sender reputation.

How to optimize your emails for dark mode?

Perform testing 

Check your emails in both light and dark mode. While conducting this test, you must do it in different inboxes across devices, clients, and browsers.

Use transparent background for images.

With transparent images, you allow the background color to be in line with the design, which means the images in the email will have the background color of the environment it goes in.

The easiest way to know if the image’s background is white or transparent, you may look for the white and light gray checkerboard background in your image files; this indicates that the image has a transparent background.

In the case of logos, when you use a transparent background and your logo is black, you must add a white stroke to improve its readability.

Final thoughts

As we saw, the dark mode is one of the many factors impacting email deliverability.

Now that you have learned the impact dark mode has on your email deliverability, go ahead and take action.

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