All The Clouds Of Neptune Have Entirely Disappeared, Blames Sun: Scientists Report


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August 22, 2023

All The Clouds Of Neptune Have Entirely Disappeared, Blames Sun

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    Astronomers announced the unexpected update on August 17 that all clouds have disappeared. It happens for the first time over three decades that Neptune is almost entirely cloud-free. Scientists have observed the images of the Neptune planet between the years of 1994 to 2022. They have noticed that every image of each year of Neptune. After that, they get to see a strange thing that was beginning in the year 2019.

    At the mid part of Neptune, the cloud coverage starts fading. This means all evidence of the cloud coverage has vanished entirely, as per the information from Scientists saw the white drafting which is around the south pole of the planet in the year 2019.

    This is not the end, but scientists will research more and will dig deeper. After monitoring the face of the evolution images of Neptune’s appearances, her team analyzed that Keck Observatory has been taken in the year range of 2002 to 2022.

    It has been seen that when the Sun remains more active, then clouds on Neptune dissipate, which is new information according to a scientist. An emeritus professor of astronomy at the University of California has said, “I was surprised by how quickly clouds disappeared on Neptune.”

    Based on the information from New Scientists, “The dip in cloud cover in 2020 was the lowest ever observed. Neptune as a whole was the darkest we have ever seen it, without any white clouds to reflect sunlight.”

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