Google Detects YouTube Ad-Blockers Who Have Turned On ‘Strict’ Feature Of Microsoft Edge  


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October 12, 2023

Google Detects YouTube Ad-Blockers Who Have Turned On ‘Strict’ Feature

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    Google recently detected Microsoft Edge users who have turned on the “Strict” protection mode from viewing YouTube videos. These users don’t have any further options, but they have options to turn off the tracking protection feature of Edge browser mode if they want to watch YouTube ad-free videos.

    The Google-owned online video-watching platform YouTube has not been sparing in blocking ad-blocking users. In recent times, YouTube has reportedly prepped to introduce three strict policies for those viewers who used to block ads on YouTube.

    With a powerful tracking protection feature called “strict” in Microsoft Edge, Google restricts a certain group of YouTube users. Remarkably, Microsoft Edge is one of the most powerful browsers on the Windows 11 OS.

    This browser has launched a new user feature named “tracking prevention,” which protects its users from online tracking. It has been claimed that those users using the strict mode of the protection feature of Edge are blocked from watching videos on YouTube. If YouTube dark mode is on, then Google is also able to detect ad-blocking users.

    This understandably affects everyone, given that Microsoft claims this feature has little impact on ads. If you have seen the ad-blocker pop up, just turn off the tracking protection’s “strict” feature. After that, you will be able to resume video playback.

    Microsoft Edge has three protection modes, such as:


    Basic is one of the ideal for those who are not worried about web tracking. This mode’s primary activity is detecting harmful trackers rather than blocking ads.


    Another protection mode of Microsoft Edge is Balanced. This is ideal for users who wish to use fewer personalized ads and minimal disruption while surfing the web.

    StrictThe strict mode is another ideal protection mode in Microsoft Edge, which is the pinnacle for tracking prevention. This mode has a lesser impact on ads.

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