Let’s Talk Mommy Issues: 8 Signs Your Mother Hates You!


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December 7, 2023

signs your mother hates you

If you think your mom has been in unconditional love with you, throughout your life, then this is wrong. But do you have any idea about signs your mother hates you? If you think that your mom never hates you, then it is entirely wrong. Well, it can be possible that a mom can hate her children.

Apparently, there are some truths that you have to learn. In this case, there are some signs your mom hates, such as emotional abuse, lack of empathy, parent-child conflict, and so many others.

In this world of complications, anything might be possible. Well, there are a lot of reasons why your mom hates you. It might be for using Telegram secret chat, WhatsApp hidden, and so on. There are signs of the indications that your mom hates you, which will help you to prevent a toxic relationship with your mom.

Eight Signs Your Mom Hates You

Eight Signs Your Mom Hates You

Normally, some mothers hate their children. This means some mothers treat their children as not their own. Below, I am going to discuss eight signs your mom hates you.

1) She Lacks Love And Affection

If your mom hates you, then there are signs that you can easily see. In this case, if your mom loves her kids, then it is unconditional and uncontainable. Therefore, if “I Love You” is among one of the rarest words which she tells you very rarely. Maybe she doesn’t know how you could be affectionate. Do you remember there is a line between an unexpressive mom and an evil mom?

2) Little Or No Significant Support

When this concerns a mother-child relationship, you should have been your no-one fan. In this case, a mom doesn’t only mean that she will feed you, but she also showers you with a lot of support, advice, critiques, and so many others.

If you find out she is unsupportive, you must find other support. On the other hand, you will always be able to treat your trustworthy family as friends.

Do you have any idea what parental neglect is all about?

Parental neglect means parents fail to build a good relationship with their family. Not only that, parents will also fail to provide for needs due to neglect. One of the major reasons for neglecting parents is because of having a dynamic family, which causes childhood trauma from both parents or none.

No matter if you are avoiding studying and watching Youtube Shorts or if anything, you cause them to pass down. On the other hand, negative parenting means the existence of emotional abuse or building drive away family relationships.

3) Blaming You For Her Unhappiness

Another one of the most common signs your mother hates you is that your mom always blames you for her happiness. This is one of the chances that your mom gets to demolish you. On the other hand, your mom always wants to stem her dissatisfaction. This means your mom always blames you for her unsuccessful career.

In this case, you have to show her the best ways to find the best sources of happiness with you. This might kill her inside, but it teaches her a lesson.

4) Abusive Mom Is A Big No

If your mom hates you, then she will give you a big abusive NO. In this case, an abusive mom will give no response. Always remind yourself that the word “Abuse” is all about physical actions. This means slapping, kicking, or hitting. In this case, actions can equally hurt you.

You must learn emotional, financial, verbal, and so on in this situation.

5) She Is Waiting To See You Fail

In this case, don’t talk even if your toxic friend talks behind your back. However, this is all about similar traits. Well, you have to grow up as a teenager who is mainly responsible for handling your decisions and choices. On the other hand, they don’t have any support, but you will see failure. She can control you rather than taking lessons as a failure.

6) The Comparison Game Is Unstoppable

Firstly, your mother doesn’t admit your accomplishments. Secondly, she compares you to your sibling. If your mom keeps telling you she has done better at your age, it also seems the same. All these comparisons of this game speak volumes about her game.

7) She Doesn’t Care

She will never care about those, no matter what or when you are happy. This means she cares less. Here, you can differentiate between your mom, who doesn’t care. On the other hand, their actions speak louder. Generally, you will feel very neglected, but you will also get the option to choose self-love.

8) Dismiss Your Negative Feelings

If you are suffering from a hard time communicating your negative feelings, it is about the same. This means this is one of the most hard signs that your mom hates you. On the other hand, if you want, then you can’t easily share your feelings.

What Are The Ways To Handle Childhood Emotional Neglect?

What Are The Ways To Handle Childhood Emotional Neglect?

While experiencing abandonment, this is not easier. You might not get any lasting physical trauma, but you are suffering hurts. Below, I have mentioned how to handle childhood emotional neglect.

  • No matter if it is sad, angry, or happy, your parents mostly neglected you. In this case, just feel them by taking a deep breath. These are valid, which means no one can say otherwise.
  • Another way to handle childhood emotional neglect is to share your stories. This might be hard, but we understand. If you want to keep everything with you, then this will make you feel burdened.
  • If you want to handle childhood emotional neglect, then you have to recognize a variety of emotions. Due to the parental dissatisfaction you feel towards your parents.

In Conclusion

I have discussed the signs your mother hates you above in this article. In this case, you won’t feel loved or even appreciated. Not only that but also your mom’s behavior will hurt you the most. This finally helps you to understand your feelings and thoughts. Even your mom will set boundaries and help you find other maternal figures. I hope you liked this article. If you have queries, please comment below!

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