Honor Your Father And Mother: What The Bible Teaches You


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February 5, 2024

honor your father and mother

Do you have any idea what does this means to honor your father and mother? Not only that but there are several other questions regarding parents. In this case, what does it look like to honor your parents? And so many others.

Above all, the Bible is quite clear about how we must treat our parents. But still, there are several types of persons who are still wondering about the meaning of “honor thy father and mother.” Of course, while you are honoring your parents, it is essential that you show them respect, obey them, and appreciate their knowledge.

While this concerns a biological good mother and biological father, respecting them is necessary. Even if they are legal parents, your responsibility is still to convey respect toward them.

What Does The Bible Mean To Honor Your Parents?

What Does The Bible Mean To Honor Your Parents?

There would be no question that the Bible always tells adults to honor their parents. Now, many of you have the question of why honoring your parents is important. Below, I will discuss what the Bible means to honor your parents.

Well, did you in recent times? It is one of the most significant and serious offenses if you don’t want to honor your parents and consistently disobey them. Above all, this one is an offense against God and his law. Furthermore, this one was also a violation of the parents’ reputation.

While you are dishonoring your parents, then this could bring a sudden demise of the extensive families and clans. Above all, dishonoring your parents was also against society’s culture. There are some circumstances where dishonoring your parents can bring even the death penalty.

Recently, we have seen the same thing in multiple honor cultures. Not only that but based on the Bible, dishonoring one’s parents could convey severe punishment or even death.

Let’s Discuss The Practical Ways In Order To Honor Your Parents

Let's Discuss The Practical Ways In Order To Honor Your Parents

One of the most important things that every adult should consider is how to honor your father and mother. Below, I will discuss some practical ways to honor your parents.

1) Honor to Whom Honor is Due

Do you know what honoring your parents means? This is a form of idea to honor every authority, including God himself. Above all, honoring your parents means respecting them and owning them of every kind of authority. Indeed, we didn’t know what honor meant for our parents as per God’s point of view. Yes! You are right. This is also showing respect towards them. Now, let’s consider practical ways to display our values to our parents.  

2) Forgive Them

One of the most critical ways in which we can honor our parents is all about forgiving them. Of course, it is hard to get someone who is perfect, even parents. After all, it is sometimes hard for parents to meet their children’s up-to-the-mark expectations. In this case, a different parent has different expectations and different thoughts.

That doesn’t mean it is hard for you to deal with them. In this case, you must understand their thought process and the meaning behind their words. Suppose you have to deal with a narcissistic mother then also it doesn’t mean that you will disobey her.

After researching this fact, it has been seen that many children have failed to understand their parents. That is why their adulthood is controlled by bitterness and anger. Not only that, but they cannot move past their parents’ errors or sins.

3) Esteem them privately and publicly

Another way to show your parents honor is to give them self-esteem publicly and privately. Respecting your parents means learning how they have affected their children. Above all, it also means that their children reflect their values, strengths, etc.

4) Speak well of Them

Another way to honor your parents is to speak well of them. If you always refuse to tell them or if you talk to them like evil, then it is pretty bad for them to honor your parents. Above all, controlling your grievances and anger is essential while communicating with your parents.

Based on Biblical knowledge, it has been seen that if you always disobey your parents. Or if you always show your grievances towards them, you are the opponent of society’s people. After marriage, it would also be complicated to express your attitude in front of your partner and talk with your parents like that.

Several adults think that if parents get full custody of a child then it means they might use their children. But this is absolutely a wrong thought after all.

Always try to speak well of them to any church, community, or cultural hub. After all, as per Christians, speaking well to your parents means you are interested in speaking evil of them.

5) Seek Their Wisdom

We usually prefer to respect our parents while we seek their wisdom through life’s turns and twists. In this case, the Bible constantly associates and relates with folly and age with wisdom. Do you know that the Bible says that the person who lived longer lives always has naturally garnered greater wisdom?

Then you might have a question: how one would get? Well, one would get after a better understanding, seeking input on any major decisions, and so on. In some cultures, people expect this. When we seek their help, then it means we honor our parents.

6) Support Them

One of the best ways to honor our parents is by supporting them. Yes! I am not speaking of any financial support you should give them now. But you can help them by providing all forms of care and love. In this case, you must protect them from being weighed down by care and attacked by multiple enemies. Misbehaving with your parents might cause numerous older depressions, isolation, and so many others.

Our parents always raise us like that so that we can live a solid and free life. As our parents age, they will get feeble and lose their independence and freedom. As a child, it would be your responsibility to handle your parents and tackle your parent’s household.

Many youths don’t want to take responsibility for their elderly parents, and they leave them to live alone. Sometimes, they fought with their parents. Their final decision is to leave their parents at older homage. After all, “emotional neglect and abandonment is not just an option.” In this case, the worst part is being an unbeliever.

In Conclusion

In this article, I have discussed how to honor your father and mother and how the Bible teaches this above. After all, Biblical obedience is not about unconditional compliance but about consistent teaching of adult children to become wise. Moreover, the Biblical word ‘to obey’ generally means ‘to listen.’ Lastly, ‘the Biblical obedience’ towards parents is all about a response of trust. I hope you found this article helpful. If you have queries, please comment below!

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