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October 27, 2022

Foster Parents

Fantastic parenting comes in different shapes and sizes, and there’s no ultimate handbook to parenting.

However, it’s safe to say that the best foster parents share common qualities including reliability, empathy, honesty, flexibility, patience, and much more.

Here Are The Top Seven Qualities All Foster Parents Must Have

Throughout this article, we’ll tell you what it takes to be the best foster parent.

1. Empathy

role as a foster parent

All foster children have different backgrounds, and this can often involve abuse, neglect, and other trauma. Therefore, you need to have the ability to understand every type of emotion, whether you feel it’s valid or not. Having empathy is arguably the most important quality because it puts you in a position to understand unique individual needs.

If you’ve got heaps of empathy, you’re already on the right track to being great foster parents. For those of you feeling curious, follow this link to learn more about fostering in Derbyshire.

2. Commitment

Taking care of foster children is rarely plain sailing. You need to be prepared for resistance and have a “never give up” attitude. Alongside providing a stable and loving home, you will need to navigate meetings with birth parents and your foster agency. If you can make it through difficult situations, you’ll prove to yourself and the agency that you’re able to care for any child placed with you.

3. Flexibility

Your home can be overwhelming to new foster children. If you can appreciate how scary the transition is, you can change parenting techniques depending on each child’s needs. However, it’s still important to have a set routine in place, don’t be afraid to deviate from time to time.

4. Patience

There are no two foster children the same – some will adjust to your home immediately and others may find it difficult. Therefore, you need to be patient and allow time and space for the foster child to let their guard down.

5. Supportive

role as a foster parent

Your role as a foster parent begins as soon as a new placement walks through your front doors. To be as supportive of them as possible, take on an active tone of encouragement, get involved with their interests, and listen completely without judgment.

6. Reliability

As a foster parent, you have duties to fulfill that are laid down by foster agencies and basic parenting common sense. Taking care of daily tasks and being supportive is essential. Whether you’re doing the school run, attending doctors’ appointments, or getting involved in school activities, you need to be there 100% of the time. A foster child needs to be able to rely on you so, as a foster parent, you need to be around to care for them fully.

7. Honest

You will have a fostering agency directly involved in your home from day one, and it’s a good idea to have a positive relationship with them. To earn their trust, make sure you’re 100% honest with them. If you need additional support, let them know.

There’s no ultimate guide to foster parenting, but it’s clear that the qualities outlined above are essential. If this profile sounds like you, don’t hesitate to get the ball rolling on becoming a foster parent.

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