NASA Discovers Water Vapor In ‘Planet-Forming’ Area With The James Webb Space Telescope   


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July 25, 2023

The James Webb Space Telescope

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    The James Webb Space Telescope of NASA has discovered water vapor in the “planet-forming” area of such a distant burning gas ball. The organization announced this discovery Monday. This major discovery marks astronomers for the first time. They have found extraterrestrial water around the planets on the cusp, which is being formed.

    In a recent study by NASA, researchers found the young star PDS 70, located about 370 light years from the Earth. Researchers have also found that PDS 70 is 5.4 million years old, compared with the Sun’s about 4.6 million years old.

    According to Space.Com, “PDS 70 is the first relatively old planet-forming disk where scientists have discovered water. Previous research failed to detect water in the central regions of disks of similar age, leading astronomers to speculate that harsh radiation from newborn stars might destroy nearly all water. But these new findings challenge that idea.”

    In NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope, a mid-infrared instrument (MIRI), scientists can discover the water at the center of the planet-forming disk of gas and dust which is surrounding PDS 70 in the form of hot water vapor at the temperature of 625 centigrade degrees.

    According to one researcher at NASA, “Our result shows that water is present in the inner disk of this iconic system where planets similar to Earth may be assembling.”

    In this Solar system, Earth and other rocky planets are formed in the central zone. These new formulations suggest that any rocky planets originating in PDS 70 of the central zone would draw from any substantial water reservoir, improving the chances of habitability later.

    As per the information of the Previous research of NASA that the newborn Earth had a lot of its water from the water-bearing asteroids, which is like a swamps for the surface of the young planet after it is formed. In recent times, scientists have also discovered the exhibit of water which could serve as the first ingredients of the rocky planets which were available during their formation.

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