iOS Introduced ‘New Apple Music’ To Android Users: Gets New Widgets And Features  


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October 6, 2023

iOS Introduced 'New Apple Music' To Android User

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    Apple has recently launched its Music Player for Android devices. This is the first application that brings to Android users all iOS experience. Although this is the initial phase of this application, it still lacks many features which usually are available for iOS users. Now it is time to get many features with new updates, which will also be available for multiple Galaxy users.

    Apple Music gets the new updates:

    Apple has released a new update based on Apple Music with version number v4.5 for the Android operating system. This latest updated application of the iOS operating system has received some new features, like two new widgets, which bring all music playlists into multiple categories, such as top charts and recommendations.

    In this recent recommendation, you will get three categories of songs, including New Releases, Top Picks, and other suggestions from Apple Music.

    New Widgets in Apple Music

    Apple Music v4.5 for the Android operating system brings two widgets, Recommendations and Top Charts. The first widget of Apple Music allows you to play “Play Top Picks, New Releases and so many other suggestions from Apple Music.”

    Considering Top Charts allows you to play “Play Top Charts Based on the city or location according to your choice.”

    The updated version of Apple Music’s widget now tracks the list rather than showing a grid of so many cover images. The list even mentions the names of songs and artists. The company has also renamed the “Apple Music Player” widget to “Now Playing” Widget.

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