Telegram Launched Latest Features: Redesigned Replies, Adjustable Link And More


Rookmini Tewari


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October 30, 2023

Telegram Launched Latest Features

Telegram is one of the most popular cross-platform messengers, which has updated with new and latest features along with redesigned replies, colorful names, adjustable link previews for Premium users, and so on.

Here are the updated features of the latest Telegram software such as:

Redesigned Replies

Recently, Telegram has launched a new and advanced feature, which is redesigned replies. With this latest feature, Telegram users can easily quote the specific parts of any message, which will help to make responses precise and convenient.

Aside from that, this feature will help to quote other messages in other chats if you want to reply to any public message in any private chat.

Account Colors

With the Account Colors feature, Telegram Premium users can add more personalization and flair to their accounts. This latest feature will let you pick your name, and you can select the reply background easily.

Stories Improvements

Telegram Stories camera UI will help you to use some sort of front-facing camera with flash so that it would help to take better selfies. With this updated feature, you can adjust the warmth and intensity.

Recently, Telegram has offered some flexibility along with adding previews and links that you can add to your media. This latest feature will also be able to help in terms of selecting the media size, moving the preview down and up, and so on.

These latest features by Telegram are newly launched on multiple operating systems such as Windows, macOS, iOS, and Linux. Make sure you have enough knowledge of everything about Telegram. Also, you will get these trendy features on Telegram Desktop, Telegram for Android, and many others.

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