The Apple Voice Plan Which Was Started In 2021 Is Being Discontinued


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November 3, 2023

Last Updated on: November 7, 2023

Apple Voice Plan

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    Apple no longer offers its $49 Apple voice music plan per month, as per the reports from MacMagazine. The voice plan by Apple was introduced in the year 2021, which lets you access the Apple music library across your entire device.

    There are no longer listed among other Apple Music plans you can subscribe to on Apple’s website. If you are currently on the Apple Voice Plan, then Apple will turn off the auto-renew, which the company writes on a support page about the discontinuation of the plan.

    One of the most affordable Apple Music Voice plans costs just $5.99 per month, which, of course, is for students. Amazon still offers its $4.99 Amazon Music Unlimited, which only lets you access the service from one Fire TV device or Echo.

    As per the information in the Apple support document, Apple’s voice plan will be discontinued in November. The existing subscribers of the Apple Music voice plan will be able to use their final billing cycle. Apple said they focus on delivering the best music experience for every subscriber and customer, along with an extensive range of features like real-time lyrics, spatial audio, and intuitive discovery features.

    Apple further guarantees that their other Apple Music plans will work seamlessly as they were. The current subscribers of the voice music by Apple will be getting a notification along with more information before their plans expire.

    If you were not aware about the process if the Apple Music was down then also don’t worry about this. The voice plan by Apple Music gave access to the entire Apple Music catalog of more than 100 million songs, but this didn’t include any features like spatial audio, family sharing, or even downloading.

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