Chandrayaan-3 is all set to launch on 14 July 2023, after the completion of the launch rehearsal by Monday! The Indian Space Agency confirmed it as they were informed of the launch rehearsal’s conclusion, including launch operation, preparation, and process across 24 hours.

The Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) will operate the anticipated Moon Mission. It is from the Satish Dhawan Space Centre in Sriharikota, where the Chandrayaan 3 mission is set to launch.

The lunar mission aims to evaluate and explore the environment and lunar geology. The design of the lander and rover has been done to specifically focus on the soft landing on the moon’s surface.

It is India’s third lunar mission, and the purpose of Chandrayaan-3 is to land safely on the lunar surface. The spacecraft of Chandrayaan will be launched at 2:35 p.m., and the spacecraft will be ejected from the rocket LVM3 after 2:50 p.m.

The travel distance by the Chandrayaan-3 spacecraft is about 3.84 lakh km, estimated to land on the 23rd or 24th of August. According to the information provided by ISRO, the spacecraft comprises a lander weighing 1723.89 kg, a rover weighing 26 kg, and a propulsion module weighing 2148 kg.

The mission life of the rover and the lander is 1 lunar day, equivalent to 14 earth days, according to ISRO. Once the Chandrayaan 3 lands safely, the rover performs experiments. The propulsion module carries the payload. The life of a payload is between three and six months.

There are three phases of Chandrayaan-3, according to ISRO, spread across the pre-launch, transfer trajectory, and Lunar orbit insertion phase. The weight of the lift rocket carrying the spacecraft is 642 tons LVM3, and the rocket’s height is 43.5 meters.

Certain changes have been made in the spacecraft software by the space agency. Chandrayaan 3 is ready to launch to embark on its journey to the moon, and India is preparing for another milestone!

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