Can You Get Full Custody As A Single Mother In 2024?


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February 2, 2024

how to get full custody of a child as a mother

Do you want to know how to get full custody of a child as a mother? While getting full custody as a single mother, you must require an extended understanding of the legal system, the support of a qualified attorney, and careful preparation. Above all, this is important to garner the Evidence that supports your case.

Across the entire procedure, it is essential to prioritize the child’s health and well-being. Not only that, but it is also necessary for your child to work towards the resolution. This is, of course, in the best interests of a child.

Above all, before heading to get the full custody of a child as a mother, you should know first how to be a good mother. A single person can navigate the procedure successfully with proper planning and supportive legal rights.

How To Get Full Custody As A Single Mother? 

How To Get Full Custody As A Single Mother? 

In every country, it won’t be possible to get full custody as a single mother. After all, in some countries, this is a complicated procedure. Below, I will discuss how to get full custody as a single mother.

1) Establish Paternity

One of the most initiative steps you should take is establishing Paternity. Above all, if the father has not been listed on the birth certificate, then you might have to take some legal steps to install the Paternity. This procedure will happen before you are seeking custody.

2) File the Petition For Custody

You can easily file the petition for custody in any family court under the Wards and Guardians Act 1890. In this case, you must provide details about the child, other parents, and your circumstances. Even here, qualifications are also mandatory as a parent.

3) Provide Evidence

The next step is to provide Evidence to support your petition, such as documentation of the other parent’s abuse, witnessing statements from family members, and so on. These are necessary who can attest to your good relationship with your child.

4) Attend Court Hearings

After all, attending court hearings is one of the most important steps in the entire procedure of getting full custody as a single mother. In this case, a judge will consider the best interests of a child. Furthermore, you can even consider factors such as your stability, overall relationship with the child, and ability to provide for the child.

5) Consider Hiring a Lawyer

While it is about the entire legal procedure of getting custody as a single mother of a child, then, it is essential to consider hiring a lawyer. In this case, it would often be advantageous to have the contribution of a family law attorney, mainly if the other parents have their own attorneys.

After all, while it is about gaining full custody as an unmarried mother, this can be pretty challenging. But it is also important to remember that you have the right to fight for custody of your child.

Above all, understanding the legal system, hiring an attorney, preparing for the court, etc., will help you get full custody. Also, keep in mind that a narcissistic mother will never get full custody as a single mother.

What Are The Factors That Affect Child Custody?

What Are The Factors That Affect Child Custody?

The court will always integrate every factor impacting your child’s well-being into a custody decision. Below, I will discuss the factors affecting your child’s custody.

1) Paternity

One of the most critical factors that impact the child’s custody is Paternity. In this case, Paternity is established at birth. In this case, it is essential to name the husband as a parent of the shared child. However, when this is an unmarried couple, Paternity will quickly be established by voluntary parental recognition. Or even throughout the court order. Above all, you can easily use Paternity to aid the biological father in terms of advocating for custody.

2) Ability To Care For A Child

Another of the most critical factors you should consider is the ability to care for a child. Suppose a parent doesn’t pursue any stable job or if a parent is unable to work due to any disability or illness, then the court will factor this into the custody agreement. In this case, it will ensure that a parent is best equipped for full custody in awarding the title.

3) Connection With The Child

If you are present in the child’s life, it is essential for their development. Above all, the California court will understand this. As a parent, you must stay active and present in the child’s life. After all, a parent can use this to prove their active involvement in the child’s life.

What Are The Four Types Of Child Custody?

What Are The Four Types Of Child Custody?

After all, child custody is a legal term that refers to the parent/parents gaining responsibilities and rights. This happens due to making critical decisions about raising their child. Below, I am going to discuss the four types of child custody.

1) Physical Custody

Above all, physical custody is regarding which parent the child lives with regularly. In recent times, physical custody has come in two forms. What are they? These are sole physical custody and joint physical custody.

Do you know legal custody is separate from physical custody? Physical custody is about where the child lives, and legal custody is where the parent usually controls a child’s upbringing.

3) Joint Custody

Joint custody is about sharing custody over several areas of their kids’s lives. This is known as joint custody. There are three conditions of joint custody. Do you know what are they? These are physical joint, legal, and joint physical and legal custody.

4) Full Custody

In the United Kingdom, full custody refers to one parent receiving sole legal and physical custody of a child. However, if one parent is granted full custody, the other parent will likely still have the right to visit. On the other side, full custody might be given to one parent, which occurs in the following situations:

  • If the courts have determined this, the other parents are considered unfit to raise the child.
  • In case the other parent has been incarcerated. Or if another parent might have a criminal record.
  • If there is a history of abuse or if other parents neglect them.

In Conclusion

I have discussed everything about how to get full custody of a child as a mother in this article. In this case, it is essential to remember that procedures and laws are used to obtain custody. Therefore, this can vary by jurisdiction. Therefore, lawyers have recommended that you consult with the local family law attorney for specific advice on your case. I hope you liked this article. If you have queries, then please comment below!

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