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December 30, 2023

who is the jester on masked singer

The Masked Singer reality show hooked every audience to guess the game when celebrities are to dress up in new costumes. This makes the audience question who is behind the mask. Similarly, who is Jester on masked singer is one of the most raised questions by audiences. The Masked Singer might be in its sixth season, but that doesn’t mean it has any less fun!

After all, the show decked out the Jester characters in such a typical and hilarious fashion. This means it increases the curiosity in the audience’s mind to know the real person who plays the Jester character. After all, this is someone popular in the 1980s.

In this case, I have done thorough research to know the actual name of the person who played the role of Jester. After all, people used to listen to Jester’s songs like they love to listen to Taylor Swift songs.

Read this article till the end to know who the real Jester is.

Who Is The Jester On Masked Singer?

I know the curiosity in your mind is increasing about who Jester is in real life. Calm down! Yes! I will be going to discuss the same. Read till the end to know about a real man who sings in The Masked Singer competition as ‘Jester.’

Audiences are curious about the real people where this reality show dressed up celebrities in separate costumes. The masked singer might be in the sixth season, but this doesn’t mean it is less fun! During the sneak peek special episode, which was telecasted on September 12th, The network revealed a single clue about every character even before season 6 started.

Actually, the success behind Jester’s career is that he used to listen a lots of 1960s, 1970s and 80s songs. This really helps Jester to get fascinated with songs, music and so on.

The Jester clue was all about the bouquet of 13 roses. There is a promo for September 9th that shows that Jester will be eliminated from the competition. Some people have indicated that the Jester outfit is Mark Hamill, who is mainly famous for voicing the Joker in multiple Batman. I also have seen some speculation that Jester could be something different. After all, Drake struggled a lot to build his career like Jester struggled to build his music career.  

After a long research, I discovered that Jester was comedian Ricky Gervais. Eventually, there are some other names that fans also have thrown, such as:

  • Axl Rose
  • Ryan Reynolds
  • Weird AL Yankovic
  • Alice Cooper and so many others.

Let’s Discuss About The Masked Singer Season 10 Reveals: Know Every Unmasked Celebrity Name

Season 10 of The Masked Singer has already been telecasted. There is seemingly no shortage of stars. Below, I will discuss the characters of The Masked Singer of season 10.

1) Candelabra is Keyshia Cole

Candelabra’s powerful flame went out after a tough head-to-head vocal match against Donut. However, this show eliminated Candelabre and even unmasked. The Candelabra is singer Keyshia Cole.

2) Anteater is John Oates

The Anteater couldn’t make his dreams come true. Just after the elimination from the mid-episode, Anteater became a “Maneater” singer and one of the feuding Hall & Oates. Conversely, the musician said there is hope despite her bandmate suing and restarting him. Oates always had the potential for what was going to happen.

3) Husky is Ginuwine

In season 10 of The Masked Singer, Husky was the first eliminated participant. Then it was revealed that Husky is Grammy award winner “Pony.” After that, the R & B star admitted to EW he had declined to participate further in this show. After all, Husky said that I am a loner and private. That is why he always wants to stay by himself. As per his evidence, it was the chance for Husky to come out of his comfort zone.

4) Tiki is Sebastian Bach

Tiki torched the Masked Singer Stage with his incredible voice. He was out in the first double-elimination episode of the season. After struggling for so long, tiki removed his mask and revealed his face as a Skid Row rocker. He is one of the Broadway performers who is Sebastian Bach.

5) S’more is Ashley Parker Angel

When the sweet singer S’more unmasked, the audience wondered. He is a former O-Town member named Ashley Parker Angel. When Lance Bass came out on the stage, he revealed that he had done voice and acting together. In this case, I would like to tell you one thing that BTS member JungKook also appeared as masked singer and he also got a lot of compliments.

6) Cuddle Monster is Metta Sandiford-Artest

Poppy and Branch got trolled many times on The Masked Singer reality show. Above all, the adorable Cuddle Monster had every judge fooled when he got eliminated and unmasked, as someone had already guessed.

7) Hibiscus behind Luann de Lesseps

In season 10 of The Masked Singer, the show eliminated this new competition Hibiscus on November 8. The reality star told EW she learned lessons from The Masked Singer, which she plans to bring into her cabaret act. Hibiscus said she learned much with the vocal coach and that I would get it into my lounge.

8) Royal Hen is Billie Jean King

Billie Jean King, who plays the role of Royal Hen, is an excellent singer. In this masked singer competition, he had to play the coop, which he did.

9) Pickel is Michael Rapaport

Pickel proved this to be the life of the party that had Cannon. Things turned sour when he lost the smackdown with S’more. After all, the show forced him to say Goodbye in October. On the other side, this gentle green giant unmasked to reveal the actor and comedian Michael Rapaport.

10) Rubber Ducky exists. Anthony Anderson

The official season 10 of The Masked Singer proved that this show is still at the top of other reality shows. Do you know why? Because Rubber Ducky sings here. But who is behind the Rubber Ducky? Anthony Anderson put on a dazzling performance on this show. After all, this show eliminated Rubber Ducky and revealed he is the Black star Anthony Anderson.

11) Anonymouse is Demi Lovato

One of the special seasons of The Masked Singer is season 10. Do you know why? Because Anonymous was featured in this show. After a powerhouse performance, Anonymouse revealed that she is a Grammy award nomination and a former Disney Channel star named Demi Lovato.  

12) Pickle is Michael Rapaport

Pickel proved the life of the party and had Cannon. All the penalties were in stitches, but things turned sour when he lost the smackdown with S’more. On the other hand, the show obliged her to say goodbye on October 11th.

In Conclusion

I have discussed everything about who is the jester on masked singer is above in this article. On the other hand, the characters on this reality show played a significant role in letting audiences enjoy it. Aside from that, people are still wondering about many characters and their real identities. If you are wondering the same, let me know in the comment section! Thank you for reading till the end!

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