10 Things That Will Surprise You About The BTS Members


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December 19, 2023

BTS members

BTS is one of the biggest K-pop groups in the world. People can’t get enough when it is online. Recently, BTS members worldwide made their marks in the music industry. In comparison with other legendary music members, they are significantly astonishing.

Aside from that, fans can connect with BTS members for mental health, which you can discuss more. This is only sometimes about following their traditions but just living as they are. Recently, the K-pop brand has a huge social media platform where millions of fans are on Instagram, Twitter, and many others.

The BTS ARMY always adores the seven members of BTS. They also deeply appreciate them in terms of inspiring and incredible role models. Before they formed as one of the most prominent bands in the world, here is how they were before they evolved into BTS.

10 Facts That Will Surprise You About The BTS Members

0 Facts That Will Surprise You About The BTS Members
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BTS members can sing, dance, and even compose music as well. They love music, but at the same, they sometimes address some serious topics, such as mental health and loss. Below, I will discuss ten facts about BTS members that will surprise you.

1) V Grew Up Poor

 V Grew Up Poor
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Kim “V” has the silkiest and smoothest voice in the BTS band. It won’t be surprising if fans regard V as their most significant bias for any reason alone. Kim “V” was with the farmer’s parents before.

Due to their economic status, his siblings and Taehyung grew up with the assistance of his

grandmother, who was extremely close to him. Before he became a BTS member, he wanted to become a farmer like his parents. Despite that, his dream was always to be a singer.

Kim “V” ‘s father has always been supportive. Why is this so? Because it resulted in taking saxophone lessons in hopes of building the best music career. Eventually, this worked out for him, and then he became a Big Music Hit Entertainment trainee after a large audition in the city of Daegu.

2) RM Originally Wanted To Pursue a literary career

RM Originally Wanted To Pursue a literary career
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Kim “RM” has been a leader of BTS since their very first beginning in this domain. RM’s role is more serious and important than people like to give them credit for.

On the other hand, RM is knowledgeable and talented in writing skills. The poetry he writes is precious. He won multiple awards for his works, leading Namjoon to pursue a literary career.

When an 11-year-old Namjoon became an investor in the hip-hop music industry, he was inspired by a Korean Hip-Hop group named Epik Fly. Aside from that, RM’s love for writing has always been beneficial, even if it would be another career path. Today, Namjoon is still an avid reader, and many references also refer to him as a scholar.

3) J-Hope Was Born To Become A Dancer

J-Hope Was Born To Become A Dancer
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Do you know that endearing member of BTS? Well, J-Hope is that. Here are some reasons why he is an endearing BTS member. Well, his sunshine personality, always giving his bandmates and even strangers a smile.

On the other hand, J-Hope’s passion is delightful and admirable. That is why he was considered the best dancer in BTS. Did you know his hard work was not easy when he was not a famous BTS member?

But Hoseol certainly shines whenever he starts dancing.

Before he joined as a third member of the BTS team as a trainee, Hoseok was also a significant part of the underground dance team. The name of that team was “Neuron.” Aside from that, he was also a student at a Music academy for more than six years.

You can bet on his dance performance even if you want to swim with money. This means there would be no problem.

4) JungKook Wanted To Be a Badminton Player

JungKook Wanted To Be a Badminton Player
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Another golden Maknae ARMY of BTS is “Jeon “JungKook.” He adores to the highest degree. On the other hand, he is multi-talented, which means he can do everything.

It is why certain wine beverages and books sold out from his live streams alone. He especially always wanted to be a badminton player. But for a moment, he changed his decision.

G-Dragon from Big Bang has always been one of the biggest inspirations. JungKook’s dream is to be a singer. When Jungkook/ maknae was just a kid, he was influenced by an acclaimed idol singer.

5) Suga Was An Underground Rapper

Suga Was An Underground Rapper
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Min “Suga” Yongi loved music even before becoming one of the best rappers in the BTS music industry. He is similar to RM, who has always enjoyed hip-hop and rap music from listening to “RaggaMuffin.”

Although both RM and he became heavily interested in becoming a rapper. Yoongi has also worked in the music entertainment industry for most of his life.

Before BTS picked up Suga, has always been an underground rapper in the hip-hop crew known as D-Town. He picked the name Gloss because his name was later translated from Korean to English, which means “Gloss” or “Shine.”

Suga later originally signed onto Big Hit Entertainment as a composer and producer. But he introduced the world as one of the talented men instead of this.

6) Jimin Has Always Been An Absolute Genius

Jimin Has Always Been An Absolute Genius
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Did you know Jimin is one of the most attractive models in K-pop history? Jimin has a superb heart, melting, and incredible voice.

Not only that, but Jimin is also one of the most hardworking people in the entertainment industry. Jimin’s hard work has always paid off since he was a student in junior high school. Although, dancing has been his passion since he was young.

When he joined the Busan High School of Arts, Jimin ranked as a top dancer. He always got encouragement from his teacher for Big Hit Entertainment. Despite that, Jimin became a star when he was in the dance school.

7) RM’s Mother Greatly Disapproved His Dream

RM's Mother Greatly Disapproved His Dream
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Things were not easier when RM’s family had a dream for RM to be a singer/rapper. When RM wanted to become a rapper, he could not start his career.

Despite having a top IQ in school and a respectively high IQ, his dream mainly meant nothing serious to his parents. He went through a very bad phase when RM’s mother threw away his lyrics on his computer and microphone. His mother always wanted to let him focus on his studies.

There was a low point when his mother wanted the approval. He constantly desired to know his mother’s preference among two options: first place as a rapper or 5000th place as a student. Thankfully, Namjoon’s dream worked out. Currently, he is fluent in three languages and one of the happiest people in the world.

8) 14-year-old JungKook Was the Actual Winner in Superstar K

Jungkook always had to learn what being away from his family was like. Before he faced that burden and joined BTS, Jungkook gave auditions for several talent shows as Superstar K. This was one of the greatest audition programs in South Korea. Despite his best efforts, Jungkook didn’t even get the selection. But the aftermath worked out well for him.

Recently, Jungkook was scouted by the entire seven entertainment companies. From a young boy, he was insane. In particular, you must thank Namjoon for seeing his performance, which Big Hit Entertainment mainly inspires. Therefore, he forms a bond akin to brothers between him and Namjoon.

9) J-Hope Went To The Same School As These Two K-Pop Stars

J-Hope Went To The Same School As These Two K-Pop Stars

Before he was J-Hope – a stage name he got by combining the J from his last name Jung with the word hope – he performed as a street dancer in his hometown of Gwangju and attended Gwangju Music Academy, which TVXQ’s Yunho and 2NE1’s Minzy also attended.

10) Jin Got Probed By SM Entertainment

Jin Got Probed By SM Entertainment
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Kim “Jin” is a well-known personality, especially for his good looks. He earned a worldwide nickname, Seojkin. He naturally had a handsome face, and his facial expressions differed from Jin’s.

In Conclusion

In this article, I have discussed ten things that will surprise you about BTS members above. Recently, BTS enjoyed unparalleled success across the world. Even this music band is taking a break from mandatory military service. The music band’s popularity and influence have not even slowed down. I hope you liked this article. If you have any questions, please comment below!

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