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July 16, 2021

Telugu movies online

There are plenty of websites to watch Telegu movies, but not all are free and good. Even if you are ready to pay the subscription fees, some sites make it so complicated to navigate that we lose interest in watching the movie.

The content of the Telugu movie industry is becoming more and more engaging every day. So, you better release yourself from the FOMO and start watching Telugu Online Sites To Watch Telugu Movies.

Online Sites To Watch Telugu Movies

In case you were wondering about the best sites where you can watch Telugu movies for free at home, we have you covered! Here are some of the best sites that you need to check out to have that good and chilled experience of gathering with your friends and family to stream your favs online:

1: TodayPK

The best platform to watch Telugu movies is TodayPK. This channel offers movies in every regional language and a user-friendly website. You can have access to the Telugu movies for free on this website, and you can also download them. 

The movies you will see on the homepage of this site are listed based on their release date and popularity. So, if you are unsure about your choice, click on any of the options displayed on the homepage. We guarantee you won’t be bored.

2: Bolly2Tolly

From Bollywood to Tollywood and Telugu movies, this site is a very good option out there to fulfill your needs. This ranks second on our list because this site includes no ads. You can view the Telugu movies for free and with no interruption.

The interface is entirely professional, too so that you won’t have problems navigating through the site. Just disable the AdBlock option in your browser and get ready to watch your favorite Telugu movies for free. 

3: Telugupalaka

Next on our list, we have Telugupalaka. This free website has a wide range of options, from old movies to recent releases. Indeed it is the best site to watch Telugu movies online. But, if you are a fan of other regional movies, you can watch them here too.

All the movies on this site are displayed in 1080p HD quality to imagine the video resolution. Furthermore, you can enjoy the film in several language options too because the multi-audio dubbed option is enabled on this site.

4: Thiruttuvcd

An array of Telugu films and movie trailers are available on this free movie streaming website. You can access a range of Telugu movies with this site. The interface is very user-friendly. By simply entering the name of your preferred movie on the search bar, you can access it.

But, avoid clicking on the download option because they don’t work. They will take you to a spammed website, which might hamper your device security. But, the multiple languages and dual sound option make the site an excellent choice.

5: Yomovies

There is no sign-up and no download option available on this website. So, you can simply watch the Telugu movies online by clicking on the name of the film. It is another best sites to stream Telugu movies online for free because of its excellent video quality.

Short information on the movie cast, its trailer, and its summary is available on this website. So even if you don’t want to sign up, you can skip that step and start watching the movies directly.

6: Pycker

If you are looking for the best site to binge-watch Telugu movies online for free, Pycker is your option. Starting from getting new updates on the library daily to accessing movies genre-everything is possible on Pycker. 

You can have all the information you need about the Telugu movie before you decide to watch it on this site. You don’t need to pay any registration fee, and you can access everything that a paid customer can.

7: The Cine Bay

This website is only reserved for Bollywood and Tollywood movies. So, the next best option to surf through a wide range of Telugu movies and decide what to binge-watch is here. You will also have access to a summary of the film here.

Movies that are displayed on the homepage will have their IMDB ratings. Even films that you want to watch will contain movie reviews. If you can access all these features for free, what are you waiting for?

8: Enthusiasm

One of the leading websites for South Asian movies is Einthusian. You can stream all your favorite Telugu movies for free on this site. Most movies have Hindi subtitles, so don’t worry if you are not a native Telugu speaker.

A wide variety of filter options from genre to language are available on this website. So, if you are not comfortable watching a Telugu movie that does not have Hindi subtitles, you can simply skip it.

9: TubiTV

This one is not a website but a free platform to watch a range of Telugu movies for free. However, the collection is limited here because it started in 2014, so the recent film is primarily available here. 

It is entirely legal, and you don’t need to subscribe to this platform if you don’t want to. Still, you will have the option to watch thousands of Telugu movies for free. 

10: YouTube

Last, on our list, we have YouTube. We have placed it last because it is a trendy platform to watch movies, but not all of them are free. So, this is not the best site to watch Telugu movies online. But, there are some movies here that you can view for free.

If you are a big fan of Telugu movies, then the movie collection on YouTube possibly won’t satisfy your urges. But, there are ample channels available here that you can subscribe to for watching the movies online without buffering.

11) Movierulz

One of the best public torrent sites where you can watch many Telugu movies is Movierulz. On this site, you will also be able to watch Hindi movies online. Not only that but also you will be able to watch so many types of movies like action, comedy, adventure and so on. 6On this site, you are not only able to stream Telugu movies, but you will be able to download and watch the latest Telugu movies. In terms of additions, users also will be able to stream the latest and trendy Bollywood, Hindi, and English movies. 

12) Einthusan. tv

This is one of the latest and most popular streaming sites where you can watch Telugu films is Einthusan. Tv. On this site, you can watch many Telugu movies online for free. Not only that, but also you will be able to watch so many other language movies like Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam movies, and so many others. Even if you want, you can purchase a lifetime membership, which costs just $25, and have an ad-free watching experience. With the clean interface, you won’t face the hazards of finding your favorite Telugu films. 

13) TheCineBay.com

Another one of the best sites where you can stream Telugu movies online is TheCineBay.com. This is a fantastic movie site; it gives a smooth experience without any buffering. On the other hand, this is one of the best platforms to watch Bollywood and Tollywood movies. Not only that, but this online site allows you to produce a wide cluster of Telugu movies. Additionally, this has a fantastic torrent service that enables users to filter movie results easily. 

14) Hotstar.com

One of the highly recommended online websites where you can watch Telugu movies is Hotstar. This online site is one of the best platforms and also a well-known platform where you can get an extensive collection of Hindi, Tamil, and even Bollywood movies. Star India currently owns this site, and here, you can see 50,000 hours of content in more than ten languages. 

15) PlaySominalTV.com

Do you have any idea about one of the most beneficial sites? In this case, I recommend PlaySominalTV.com, where you can watch your favorite Telugu movie, series, and shows. Apart from that, this also provides multiple genres such as drama, action, comedy, and many others. On this site, you will also be able to stream your favorite Telugu movies. This site also offers high-quality Bengali, Tamil, and Malayalam movie subtitles. If you want to know more about Telugu movies, then you can visit the website of this Telugu site. 

16) Aha 

If you appreciate viewing your favorite Telugu movies, Aha is one of the best options. In this case, you will enjoy viewing your favorite Telugu movies. Here, you can stream your regional movies from Arha Media & Broadcasting Pvt. Ltd owned.

Final Thoughts

On this list, we have categorized all the free website options to surf Telugu movies online. But, there are some paid sites too that can guarantee you a wonderful collection of Telugu movies. So, if you are not someone who wants to extract the fun from the free sites, you can shift to Amazon Prime or Yupp TV channels. There are trial versions available on these sites, too, so you can choose to pay the money if they satisfy you with its content. 

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