Why Did Taylor Swift Have Sleepless Nights: Midnight Album Review


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December 28, 2023

Taylor Swift Midnights Reviews

Taylor Swift’s recent album, released on October 21, was their tenth studio album. Swift is one of the most successful singers who has constantly been producing music throughout her entire career. Tylor Swift Midnights have a huge craze.

She explores several new music genres with every album while using introspective and unique lyricism. Her career has not slowed, and her fame continues to grow due to her activity in terms of her fanbase.

Swift turned away from her style and opted for a pop style with a synth and electronic-infused sound. After all, Taylor Swift’s Midnights album is based on multiple pop songs. As per Swift, she says, “the stories of 13 sleepless nights scattered across my life.”

Taylor Swift Midnights Reviews

Taylor Swift Midnights Reviews
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In recent times, Taylor Swift returned to her turning point after releasing her popular album “Midnights.” After all, this causes audiences to fall in love more obsessively. Below, I am going to discuss Taylor Swift’s Midnights reviews.

One said about Taylor Swift’s Midnights, “I felt that I could relate to them in a way that I couldn’t necessarily relate to Taylor Swift herself because she was nothing about fictional characters. Now she’s back to talking about her own life. While I relate to it less and don’t like the production as much because it is a little too pop sounding for my taste, it’s still bangers, and it feels like the old Taylor Swift that we know and love is back.”

Another one said that you wish you weren’t while you are obsessing with someone or something. One of the best things you can do with insomnia is to embrace this and dive into feelings. As per this reviewer, it is all about shying away and tangling the late-night emotions.

Another listener said Midnight is all about marketing, akin to Swift’s late-night stream of consciousness. She further said that if someone wants to feel love during heartbreak, then Midnights is one of the best albums by Taylor Swift.

Now Let’s Discuss What Are The Best Collaborations Of Taylor Swift

Now Let's Discuss What Are The Best Collaborations Of Taylor Swift
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In recent times, Taylor Swift highly anticipated the “Midnights” album. Below, I am going to discuss the best collaborations of Taylor Swift.

1) Lavender Haze

Lavender Haze
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Have you heard any slow-moving songs by Taylor Swift? The Lavender Haze song by Taylor Swift is a dry and sliding drum that cuts through the steady 808 lines. This album is all about creating a seductive and creeping sound, like the listeners diving into the newest album by Taylor Swift.

On the other hand, the ethereal chorus paired with some backing vocals perfectly affected the lyrical content of the piece, and the hypnosis defined this. Aside from that, the lyrics tiptoe with pulsating bass vocals that mimic awesome, especially the sensational touch. This song doesn’t use any creative musical techniques or powerful lyrical themes.

2) Anti-Hero

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Swift’s other music album, “Anti-Hero,” is one of her favorite songs before the album’s release. Taylor draws her “Struggle with an idea of no feeling like the person” through this song to release several in-depth insecurities in the official music video.

However, the vulnerability of Anti-Hero is about something disrupted by other corny lyrics. If this song’s lyrics reference 30 Rock, then it would be less tasteful. Aside from that, through the musical lyrics of “Anti-Hero,” Taylor Swift conveys how the blunt image of a monster on the hill’ distracts from insecurities.

3) Snow On The Beach

Snow On The Beach
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Taylor Swift’s other popular musical album, “Snow On The Beach,” starts with a Christmas-sounding jingle. This song ends slowly but also falls apart around her. Throughout this entire track, the Christmas jingle continues in the background. Aside from that, this is perfectly apt for this song’s wintery and snowy theme.

Taylor Swift’s voice drops to a whisper as the song closes with more instrumental music. This leads up to the release of the album. On the other side, Swift promised her fans an exciting music collaboration between famous Lana Del Rey and herself.

Taylor’s soft and sweet voice has already streamed through the song, which indicates that her collaborative singer plays a very small role.

4) You Are On Your Own, Kid

 You Are On Your Own, Kid
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Another track by Taylor Swift is “You Are On Your Kid,” which is one of their most vulnerable reflections, and this sacrifices Swift to chase after her dreams. Taylor’s heart-thumping beat helps build the track’s pace perfectly.

Aside from that, Swift’s vocals empowered this song, which is as clear as that. In particular, this song by Taylor is all about her birthday and how to have fun while you are turning twenty-one. On the other hand, smothered with emotions, this music album is all about going to any aesthetic and sophisticated listener.

5) Bejeweled

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From the very beginning, this song aims to break gender stereotypes and empower women. This music video was written and directed by Swift herself. Bejeweled’s concept resembles Taylor’s song “Look What You Made Me Do.” The upbeat tune makes this most enjoyable, especially when listening with headsets.

6) Karma

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Recently, “Karma” has been fast becoming one of this album’s most upbeat music tracks. On the other hand, Taylor delivers an edgy tone, similar to her other music track from 2019 named “I Forgot That You Existed” album. This song is about occasional playful lyrics and one of the most peppy music tracks.

7) Sweet Nothing

Sweet Nothing
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Have you heard about that music album by Taylor “Sweet Nothing?” It delivers a sweet, romantic song that young people love the most. On the other hand, this “Sweet Nothing” describes familiar relationships rather than venturing to see what you are missing.

This is all about playing into the sense of dissatisfaction that you can grow from such uncomfortable close relationships. Eventually, Swift further describes that ordinary relationships are mainly easier to fulfill. In particular, Swift further says that having a relationship might seem quite unappealing. On the other hand, Swift seems to be craving the sleepless night hours around Midnight.

8) Mastermind

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The Mastermind song by Taylor Swift mainly focuses on the cunning and Machiavellian Schemer. On the other hand, this song initially sounds like a retelling of a love story. There are more such lyrics than what meets the audience’s eye.

Suddenly, Taylor Swift ends this music album by singing about someone who sees the right through her love.

In Conclusion

I have discussed the recent music album of Taylor Swift Midnights and her fantastic collaborations above in this article. Midnight’s music track is quiet and atmospheric, which helps to shine on Taylor Swift’s remarkable lyricism. People might consider this revolutionary, but “Midnights” hits this as one of her confidences to affectionate. I hope you liked this article. If you have any questions, please comment below!

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