Love And Marketing: A Hookup?

Are you searching for some clientele love online? Well, Tinder ads could be the hookup your business desperately needs! Yes, Tinder is also a platform that has entered the advertising race, and marketers across the world simply can’t keep calm!

The millennial dating app has more than 66 million active monthly users. And almost 50% of that huge number is in the age group of 18 to 25 – that makes the app a fabulous platform for connecting with a young audience. After all, you were anyway packaging yourself like a product and selling it to prospective dates.

Now let’s find out how you can apply the same logic for generating some actual leads on the world’s favorite hookup app!

Tinder And Lead Generation: Love In The Time Of Algorithms

Tinder And Lead Generation - Love In The Time Of Algorithms

Yes, you know how the app works, but what about Tinder ads? Does it make you think about how does tinder work? I’ll tell you how. There are two ways to go about this.

  1. Purchase ads on Tinder directly from agencies who manage advertising on other dating platforms like Bumble and Hinge. 
  2. Run display advertisements through popular platforms like Google and Facebook. The display ads are shown to people who have not upgraded to the premium version.

Let’s move on to a more detailed approach for answering the most popular question, ‘does tinder work?’

I have always looked at Tinder as a dating app and nothing more until one day, I attended a Literature class that spoke about the platform in the context of marketing. That class completely changed how I used to view the platform. My professor pointed out a few interesting pointers,

  • Firstly, Tinder works in a way similar to how a market works in reality. Users package themselves like brands package their products. This packaged product is then presented to the other market players.
  • The world of Tinder is an actual functioning marketplace. Instead of buying products, people simply engage in barter collaborations. So if an app has been designed to reflect a market, then why not use it for actual marketing.
  • This logic fails to miss most users. And that is where the application profits if you think about it. Because that is exactly how marketing works – successful marketing is always disguised under a bigger picture. And Tinder has perhaps done this very successfully.

Thus, if you don’t understand ‘why do i keep getting tinder ads,’ then it’s because Tinder has been marketing itself so well, you never figured that out! So naturally, it was only a matter of time before marketers were flocking to the platform, and Tinder ads became the next big thing after advertisements on Google and social media.

How To Advertise On Tinder: Tips And Tricks

How To Advertise On Tinder

Have you seen those hookup ads on Tinder? Of course, you have seen them. But, even those are a part of Tinder ads. So if your brand is not utilizing the platform for running significant ad campaigns, it is about time you do so. Thus, simply scroll down to find out how you can advertise on the platform for effective lead generation.

1. To Catfish Or Not To Catfish

Writing this in 2022 feels a little weird, but it’s very true and works every time! If you have been on the popular app, you will know how fast people swipe. There’s no alternative other than being shallow on dating apps. So your priority, in that case, will be to develop graphics or photos that are visually appealing, anything that basically makes users swipe right on tinder.

Here are a few tips that might help you come up with aesthetic-looking Tinder ads. Remember, it’s all about the aesthetics!

  • Use photos that are high resolution.
  • Enhance saturation.
  • Choose decluttered images.
  • Use photos with actual people in them.

2. How Much FOMO Is Too Much FOMO?

People are not sitting on Tinder all day long. For reaching the application’s huge active audience base, you have only a short window frame – make the most of it! So instead of wasting time on copies that will never convert. Don’t waste all that time and effort. Instead, use words that will induce major FOMO (fear of missing out) in users. You could also use emotional triggers for the same.

Before running Tinder ads, take some time to understand how differently the platform works in comparison to other social networking mediums like Instagram and Facebook. Here, you have got just a second with every user. In that one second, before your ad gets left swiped, your graphics and content need to make a lasting impact.

3. Love And Let Others Love

The only reason why 66 million active users go to Tinder every month is that they want to meet new people, hook up or even find true love in some cases. For whatever reason, people flock to Tinder, always know it’s not for watching ads. This holds true for all ads but especially Tinder ads because people are just there for a specific purpose.

This is where you use your marketing expertise and help people find love or score a second date on the app. Market products that will help your ideal target audience in some way. For instance, if you have a cafe in town, offer some discount for couples on Tinder dates, or if you work in event planning, you can offer a plus one ticket for free.

How To Create Tinder Ads?

If you have been thinking ‘does tinder have ads’ all this while, then you have received your answer by now. At the same time, you also know what are the ways in which Tinder ads can be created. However, in case you opt for display ads via Facebook or Google, you can always follow the steps mentioned below for the same.

  1. Navigate to Google advertisement account, fill up all the details, including payment-related information, and click on ‘submit’ alternative.
  2. Log in to the account and tap on the ‘new campaign’ option.
  3. For running Tinder ads, click on ‘website traffic’ as your campaign goal and ‘display’’ as the campaign type.
  4. Then tap on ‘continue’ once you have given your website name.
  5. Now straight away, move on to defining your ideal target audience with the help of demographics and other filters. Then tap on ‘next.’
  6. Lastly, add your budget and carefully set placements for your ads.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Are Tinder Ads Effective?

According to industry experts, Tinder ads perform seven times better than normal banner ads. Even before the pandemic hit, the dating app was the most popular in the United States, with nearly 7.9 million people using it.

2. Can Brands Be On Tinder?

Not really. However, brands can advertise on Tinder without any issue. However, for making this an effective strategy, brands need to create ad campaigns that fit the context of the platform.

3. Does Tinder Make Money?

Yes, Tinder makes money in several ways. One of the most popular methods by which the hook-up app makes money is with the help of premium subscriptions. If you have been asking Google, ‘do you have to pay for tinder?’ then you must know about premium subscriptions and how that benefits Tinder.

Tinder Ads: One Night Stand Or True Love?

What most marketers are worried about when it comes to Tinder ads is the fear of not finding lasting love in terms of generating leads. Running ads on such platforms can be nothing more than a one-night stand if not optimized or executed accurately. At the same time, if executed right, you can generate warm leads that can be easily converted.

Thus, the next time you are on Tinder, find out what strategy will help you find a lasting love instead of a one-night stand that won’t generate any review!

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