FDA Warns, “The Batches Of Birth Control Pills Would Be Twice”: Effectiveness Reduced


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August 3, 2023

Birth Control Pills

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    The Pharmaceutical company Tydemy recalled two batches of this drug because these pills reduced its effectiveness. The New-Jersey-based drug maker announced this Saturday that it was about to recall the batches after tests showed that the pills had decreased the levels of ascorbic acid which is an inactive ingredient and also a high level of an “unknown impurity.”

    The FDA which is “The Food and Drug Administration” warned that stating, “low levels of ascorbic acid, better known as vitamin C in the Tydemy pills could reduce their effectiveness in preventing pregnancy.”

    Although Lupin and the FDA also have said that they didn’t yet receive any reports of adverse events which are related to the usage of these pills. The affected birth control pills were already distributed between May 31, of this year. The expiration dates of these pills are January or September 2024.

    The company didn’t respond immediately to the request for further information about the impurity of these pills and also the role of ascorbic acid plays in them. The recalled batches of these pills can be identified by a lot of numbers that are listed on the package.

    Further information of News, Patients experienced multiple complications while taking pills which you should contact their health provider and you can report their health concerns via the FDA’s MedWatch Adverse Event Reporting Programming as per the announcement by Lupin.

    Tydemy has instructed retailers and pharmacists regarding the birth control pills that, “to discontinue distribution of the recalled product lots immediately.”

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