Lily Rose-Depp Talks About Negative Reception Of “The Idol” Ahead Its Finale


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July 3, 2023

Lily Rose-Depp

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    Ahead of the finale, Lily-Rose Depp discussed how The Idol was received poorly. The actor portrays the damaged pop diva Jocelyn in the HBO series, which has received a lot of flak for its graphic violence, dubious dialogue, and sequences that some have dubbed “torture porn.”

    Days before the final episode is scheduled to air, Depp, who frequently appears nude in the program, recognized such problems and said that “the show is not for everyone” in a recent interview.

    Depp responded to charges made by members of the production that the Sam Levinson and Abel “The Weeknd” Tesfaye-created program portrayed an exploitative and misogynistic attitude towards women: “I’ve never felt more respected and safer on a set, honestly.”

    After Rolling Stone published an exposé involving anonymous interviews with those who worked on the series, the show came under fire in March. They said that Tesfaye, Levinson, and the show’s producers had created a narrative “about a man who gets to abuse this woman and she loves it” by “disgustingly going off the rails” with the program.

    However, some are defending the show, claiming that the “sick” nature of their relationship is being depicted in the show and that the sequences are meant to be difficult to watch because Tedros is preying on Jocelyn’s “vulnerability”.

    Tesfaye, in contrast, stated that Tedros is not meant to be liked by the audience, referring to a gory scene in episode two: “There’s nothing seductive about that. Regardless of how you’re feeling while witnessing that scene—whether you’re uneasy, grossed out, or humiliated by the characters.

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