FDA Approves OTC Contraceptive Pills; Says “No Prescription Required For Purchasing”   


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July 14, 2023

OTC Contraceptive Pills

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    The FDA, which is the Food and Drug Administration, has approved the birth control pill over-the-counter for the first time. The name of this pill is “Opill,” which is mainly a progestin-based pill. In this case, it will control the hormones in women’s bodies and will prevent pregnancy.

    According to the drug-maker Perrigo’s information, you aren’t required to see any health care provider if you want to consume birth control drugs. As per the survey information of a health care research organization KFF, more than three-quarters of women have said at their reproductive age that they believe in the counter birth pill. When reporters ask them further, “why do they prefer over-the-counter birth control pills?”, they reveal that birth control pills are convenient.

    The health scientist Kathryn Kurtis, also an advisory committee member, said to the reporters that FDA-approved birth control pills are no riskier because they have many benefits.

    She further added that Opill (FDA-approved birth control Pill) has the potential to impact public health positively. However, the Affordable Care Act announces that people must pay for prescription contraception but don’t require any prescription if anyone wants to buy these pills.


    According to the survey information by KFF, more than 10% of women wouldn’t be able to pay or wouldn’t be interested in paying for contraception. The drug maker Perrigo has discussed that any participant can take Opill more than 92% daily. If any participant missed taking Opill, follow the directions written on the medicine. Another advisory committee member Dr. Stephanie Sober said that among 955 participants, only six became pregnant after using Opill.

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