One of the best meteor showers this year has been shown on Vancouver Island. This Perseid meteor shower reached its peak point and painted the sky with its swift streaks and luminous brightest lights. It occurs every year on August night when nights are warm. But some years can produce up to 100 meteors an hour.  

The milky way galaxy can easily be found this year while rising and traveling across the sky from an east-west orientation made by the dark skies along the entire expressway. A handful of meteors are large enough that you can create a signature bright shooting star look. Even on the Coalfields Expressway, the faintest of meteors can be spotted.

The Perseid meteor shower appears when the Earth passes across the debris left behind by the comet swift-Tuttle. The Earth intersects with this stream of rock and dusty particles when they burn up upon entering the atmosphere; then, it can create the streaks and brightest light, mainly known as “Meteors.”

According to the 59 News, “Many meteors associated with the Perseids are small sand grains left by the comet Swift-Tuttle resulting in faint, hard to see, meteors requiring a dark sky location.”

During this luminous peak activity, several shooting and glorious stars are seen in just one night. This activity is associated with the debris field, started on July 16th, and will last through August 26th. The Perseids are renowned for producing an abundance of large numbers of fireballs which are extremely brightest meteors that streak across the entire sky.

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