A recent study suggests the Gulf Stream can collapse as early as 2025. According to scientists, an Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation (Amoc), which is the shutting down of the ocean’s currents, would bring catastrophic climate impacts.

A new analysis has estimated a time range for the collapse between 2025 to 2095. There is also little evidence of some collapses during the past ice ages. This is the indication of a temperature change of 10C.

Scientists already observed the tipping point in the year 2021. In this case, if carbon emissions still happen continuously, there will be a high chance of collapse. While other scientists also believe that surrounding assumptions and uncertainties are significant for the tipping point’s timings.

According to The Guardian, “The Amoc collapsed and restarted repeatedly in the cycle of ice ages that occurred from 115,000 to 12,000 years ago. It is one of the climate tipping points scientists are most concerned about as global temperatures continue to rise.”

Apart from that, Catastrophic effects could be released across the globe if the AMOC collapses. If collapses happen, coastal towns like New York and Boston might witness the rise of ocean levels. The east coastal area of the ocean may require preparation for harsher storms and hurricanes across the central and western United States.

Professor Peter Ditlevsen said, “I think we should be very worried,” and he further added, “This would be a very, very large change. The Amoc has not been shut off for 12,000 years.”

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