Embark On A Relaxing Journey With ‘Japanese Rural Life Adventure’ On Apple Arcade


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September 19, 2023

Embark On A Relaxing Journey With 'Japanese Rural Life Adventure' On Apple Arcade

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    This weekend, many players found themselves captivated by the serene allure of ‘Japanese Rural Life Adventure,’ a newly released game on Apple Arcade. Unlike its real-world counterpart, Mount Fuji in this pixelated version is a distant yet enticing sight, serving as a significant goal for players to strive towards.

    Developed by the Japanese studio Game Start, the game falls in line with beloved titles like Harvest Moon and Stardew Valley. Expect charming pixel art, a heartwarming storyline, and a relaxed gaming experience.

    In ‘Japanese Rural Life Adventure,’ you step into the shoes of a young individual who relocates to a rustic cabin near a quaint town. However, the cabin and its surroundings are in disarray, requiring you to roll up your sleeves and make it habitable.

    The gameplay revolves around completing an extensive list of tasks, all at your own pace. Initially, your primary focus lies on your own property – planting fruit trees, tending to crops, renovating the house, and constructing essential infrastructure. Profits from selling vegetables and fish enable you to reinvest in your property and tools. While there’s an energy system, it’s not overly intrusive; a short nap or a meal replenishes your vigor.

    As you progress, the game expands its horizons. Your mission is to revitalize the town by restoring shrines, businesses, and even the school, aiming to attract more young residents. This, in turn, enhances your income, providing access to new features such as processing wheat and rice or acquiring tools like a camera.

    The game gradually introduces more complex tasks, allowing you to advance from basic cooking to preparing miso soup and omelets. Seasonal festivals and the opportunity to rescue pets, like puppies, kittens, and chickens, add depth to the gameplay.

    ‘Japanese Rural Life Adventure’ excels as a mobile game, perfectly suited for one-handed portrait mode play on iPhones. The tasks are simple yet satisfying, such as tapping fish during fishing or simulating cooking steps with your finger. However, the absence of certain genre elements, like character depth or avatar customization, may not appeal to those seeking a more in-depth experience.

    This game joins the ranks of cozy-style titles on Apple Arcade, offering a tranquil escape for players. Its accessibility for short sessions or longer gaming sessions caters to various playstyles. While it may not fulfill every aspect of a countryside fantasy, ‘Japanese Rural Life Adventure’ invites players to enjoy a peaceful virtual life with the elusive Mount Fuji always in the background.

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