Magnetic Personality: How to develop it?


Subham Kamila


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December 21, 2020

magnetic personality

I was never a cool kid in school. Messy hair, thick specs, baggy clothes, yes, that is how I used to look like in my school days, one-eighty degree of a magnetic personality. I had only a limited friend circle.

Over the years, my personality has gone through some major changes. If my friends saw me today, they would have a hard time recognizing me.

Due to the lack of my presence, people used to treat me like a fool. This made me think that there is a way to change my personality. I started looking for ways, following global leaders to learn from them. In the process, I have warned quite a lot about the people in general.

Right now, I am a professional digital marketer. This journey was hard for me; I lacked the most significant factor that digital marketers have, magnetic personality traits. Even after having a huge advantage, I made it here.

Today, I am successful. I am in a position where I can help others achieve their dreams. In this article, I will take you through the skills I acquired over the years and will share my experience about an uncool boy sitting in the corner of a room becoming the center of attention in society.

Way To Develop Magnetic Personality

The most important thing you need to have to embody a magnetic personality is to consider everyone equal. Everyone has their shortcoming; that doesn’t mean that you do not have your own.

You might be good at one thing but might fall into the things that others are good at. Stop treating and measuring people as if they are goods and products. This magnetic personality will become the talk of the town.

Here I have jotted down some things that I personally like to do, and I believe that it will help me come close to a magnetic personality. 

1. Leave A Comment

There is something that doesn’t take long but leaves a positive impact on someone’s day, Appreciation. Make a habit of appreciating others. If a person is new to the blogging industry, show your support. Leave positive comments to ensure that your appreciation has reached.

Appreciation is something that can give hope to people. Even if you find the new blogger lacks the necessary talents, appreciate them for the things, they have done correctly. Who knows, your one push might give the blogging the next blogging star.

When I say positive comments, I mean articulated positive comments, instead of just saying” “Nice Post,” “Well Written,” so on and so forth. You might think this to be appreciated, but sometimes these words might sound taunting.

2. Spread positivity

Positivity is something that you do not spread. Your presence is enough to spread positivity. Positivity is one of the pillar aspects of the magnetic personality. Your positivity can influence the atmosphere. Positivity comes with positive practice and a positive attitude. Until you become the embodiment of positivity, you will not be able to spread it to others.

For instance, we have never met, but you are reading my article. If I am a positive person, my writing will radiate that positivity and will be able to affect you.

3. Be Enthusiastic

I get to hear a lot,” “Where do you get all that energy “from?”. What do you think why people tell me that? It is because I have become a person who is always enthusiastic about everything.

Remember that nobody wants to associate a sluggish person with the work or with the approach. Everybody wants to follow a person who can lead them. Energized have the X factors within themselves, and with their presence, they can spark the whole atmosphere.

4. Meditate To Cleanse Your soul

If you are suffering from body and mental exhaustion, you can not maintain your magnetic personality. Lack of mental concentration can lead to an unstable personality. However, if you can meditate, you will see that your mental exhaustion has reduced, and can think correctly.

Magnetic personality is not only about the outer look; it has profound meaning. The true essence of magnetic personality comes from inside. Hence, you must be healthy from the inside as well.

5. Wear A Smile

What gives you a magnetic personality? Is it fashionable clothes? Is it a well-built body? Or your achievements? No, none of that. It is your smile that builds your magnetic personality. With just a simple smile, you can make others happy. Smile is one of the factors that is considered one of the most prominent magnetic personality traits.

We have thousands of languages to communicate with each other. And you will be surprised to know that smile is one of the languages.

Take Away

Magnetic personality is something that everyone is born with. Don’t believe me? Try thinking of small babies. Do they make you smile the moment you see them? If so, then you have already got your answer. 

We are born with a magnetic personality; however, with time, we forget to polish it. If you can polish it, you will become the next center of attention in a room full of people.

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