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March 22, 2021

how to become an extrovert

In this day and age, being an introvert can prove to be one of the world’s biggest curses. Things do not come easy now; you have to fight for yourself, you have to claim what’s yours and grab them with both hands. You need to learn how to become an extrovert. 

Introverts often find it quite difficult to do little things like talking in front of a crowd, working closely on a team project, or being the center of attention at a party. They also have trouble interacting with the opposite sex.   

Since you are reading this article, I am going to presume that you, too, are an introvert. If you are, then you have nothing to worry about, my friend, and through this article, I will be telling you the steps in which you can become an extrovert in seven steps. 

But before that, let us delve deeper into knowing what an extrovert is. 

What Is An Extrovert And Introvert? 

Extrovert And IntrovertExtroverts are people who are generally very frank and straightforward in nature. They are often referred to as the life of the party. They love interacting with people, and they thrive on meeting new people and making connections. 

On the other hand, we have introverts; they are people who would rather keep to themselves. Introverts do not like talking much and avoid human interaction the best way possible. Studies have shown that introverts need time away from people to recharge themselves.  

But in this modern-day and age, introverts need to learn to be extroverts; otherwise, they are going to fall behind in this competition of life. So without wasting any further time, let us find out how you can become an extrovert from an introvert.

How To Become An Extrovert From Introvert? 

Down below are the steps that you can consider following if you want to be an extrovert. If you follow the given steps, I am sure nothing will stop you from getting what you want.

Step 1: Get Out Of Your Head

Get Out Of Your HeadThis is the first step you need to know in order to learn how to become an extrovert. We all have our demons; you just have to stop listening to your demons. Focus less on what others think and more on what you want. You need to constantly put yourself out there. 

You need to keep pushing your boundaries in front of other people and force yourself into conversing with them. Note that you need to do these things even when you do not feel the need to. You will start noticing that slowly it will become a habit, and you will find comfort in interacting with people. 

Step 2: Put Yourself In Uncomfortable Situations

Put Yourself In Uncomfortable SituationsI know you must be wondering what this could mean; what I really mean is that you have to put yourself in situations where you will be required to talk and interact more with people. There are a lot of benefits when you do this. You will get the practice of talking, and secondly, it is going to make you less socially awkward. 

Practicing in front of a mirror is a good step as well, but when you put yourself in an uncomfortable situation where you need to talk and interact, you get a first-hand experience. You have to look at communication as art to solve your problems. Trust me; communication is really the key to solving all problems that you can possibly think of. 

Step 3: Read Books On Becoming An Extrovert

 Read Books On Becoming An ExtrovertIn order to learn how to become an extrovert, you literally need to ‘learn’ from books. I would highly suggest you read books on self-confidence, self-worth, self-esteem, and books on becoming an extrovert from an introvert. You can consider reading. 

  • The Magic of Thinking Big.
  • How To Stop Worrying And Start Living.
  • The Art Of Living Dangerously.
  • How To Talk On Your Feet.
  • End of Struggle and Dance With Life.
  • Feel the Fear and Do it anyway.

These are the names of some of the best self-help books that are definitely going to help you overcome your shyness and will help you in the process of becoming an extroverted introvert. There is a saying, ‘You are what you read.’ This saying becomes all the more important in this aspect.  

Step 4: Listen Closely To What Others Have To Say 

Listen Closely To What Others Have To Say You need to listen carefully to what other people have to say and at least pretend to take a genuine interest in what they are saying. Do not think too much about what you will have to say next. 

When you pay close attention to what others are saying, your words are going to come very naturally to you. When we stop thinking the whole world revolves around us, it is the time when things start happening. 

Be in the moment and enjoy life by interacting with people. This will certainly help you in learning how to become an extrovert.   

Step 5: Find A Topic To Talk About 

Find A Topic To Talk About The reason why most introverts do not find it comfortable to interact and talk with other people is that they feel that they have nothing interesting to talk about. The best way to overcome this is to follow the news and keep yourself updated with the current trend. 

If you are aware of the things that are going around you, it will help you to relate more with other people. When you have topics and things to talk about, you can converse with people without worrying. You can even strike up conversations with total strangers. 

So I suggest you start following the news and keep yourself updated with the current affairs. 

Final Thoughts

There you go, those were the steps for learning how to become an extrovert. I hope this article has given you some insights on how to kill shyness and converse freely with people. 

If you have some questions or feedback for us, you can drop them down in the comment section. We will try our best to reply to every one of them.  

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