Grimes Will See Elon Musk In Court Over Parental Rights


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October 4, 2023

Grimes Will See Elon Musk In Court Over Parental Rights

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    Baby Mamma to Elon Musk, Grime is suing him over custody of their kids. She has pleaded with the Tesla CEO to allow her to see her sons.

    Grimes has filed a “petition to establish a parental relationship” on Friday. This comes just days after Grimes shared a tweet “… tell Elon to let me see my son or plz respond to my lawyer.”

    Grimes appears to be alluding to their youngest son, Tau, who was born last year. Grimes seems to be setting the stage to ask for child support with a judge establishing custody rights. Unless it is found that Grimes is an unfit parent, she will most certainly retain some custodial rights.

    Judges typically do award joint custody under such circumstances, but it may not be equal. A judge can, however, adjudicate a custody schedule in different ways that would suit each of the parents.

    As for Tau, his birth was never announced by his parents. Walter Isaacson, who recently wrote the biography “Elon Musk,” revealed that a third son was born and given the name Techno Mechanicus calling him Tau for short.

    Elon has not responded to the allegations or Grime’s petition. TMZ’s Jacob Wasserman has described the situation saying, “But what I think it has to do is maybe the status of their relationship. Just keep in mind that maybe when they had two kids, each of the times, maybe they were at the hospital together, and they were happy, and they both signed off on the birth certificate.

    But maybe this third time around or with this third child, I should say, we actually didn’t even know to the public that this child was born until a Walter Isaacson book came out noting that the couple had a third child. So maybe their relationship wasn’t as good. They didn’t sign off on the birth certificate. And then did it establish who has custody, and how often they could see the child? And it sounds like Grimes has been completely left out of the picture, which is why she’s fighting tooth and nail now to get back in.”

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