Bad Bunny And Kendall Jenner Had S*x At One Of Her Sister’s Place: Fina Lyrics


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October 17, 2023

Bad Bunny And Kendal Jenner Had S_x At One Of Her Sister’s Place

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    Ever since their romance caught air, Kendall Jenner and Bad Bunny have been the talk of the town. The rapper seems to have a thing for making the gossip mill turn with his racy song lyrics.

    In his latest song Fina from the album Nadie Sabe Lo Que Va, a Pasar Mañana, he has turned up the temperatures like never before. He has apparently hinted at having had s*x with Kendall Jenner. What adds to the spice is the fact that he talks about doing so at one of her sister’s houses.

    Kendall and Benito’s romance made the rounds since the couple was spotted making out at a private club. They were then spotted together on multiple occasions, but they did not make things official, unlike Kylie Jenner and Timothee Chalamet.

    Bad Bunny released the song on Friday. The lyrics went, “Que yo soy un bellaco, pero tú me gana’ / Bien arrebata’o chingando en casa de tu hermana,” which translates to, “That I’m a scoundrel, but you beat me / Good snatch or f–king at your sister’s house.”

    People also speculated about how the duo communicated as Bad Bunny speaks Spanish. The rapper shaded them with his song lyrics, saying,  “Se preguntan cómo nos comunicamo’, ey, mejor ni les contamo,” meaning, “They wonder how we communicate, hey, I better not even tell them.”

    Fans on X have commented, “Which one is the question so i can know which kardashian or jenner is on the list,” while another said, “She got a few sisters tho.”

    Yet another person commented, “pics or it didn’t happen,” He’s not the first one,” and “Doesn’t matter unless that famous sister watched.”

    Bad Bunny, while speaking to Vanity Fair, has revealed that he does speak English to “some specific people.”This may also be the talking point among the siblings of Kendall Jenner, who would want to know which sister he meant. Or they could actually be aware of it.

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