National French Fry Day 2023: Don’t Miss Out The Deals   


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July 13, 2023

National French Fry Day

Whenever you are walking out the door and entering into the humid weather, it makes you sweaty. Here french fries are worthy to have in this hot summer. The National French Fries day which happens in the middle of July.

Whenever you want to enjoy the holiday spirit, there are multiple franchises and chains where you can sit in a relaxed mode and enjoy many delicious foods. In this case, you have to know some of the freebies and deals you can get on and experience in the middle of this month.

The French Fries Deal At Burger King

On this national french fries day, “Burger King” is offering members a free order for any size of french fries. The name of the program in Burger King on this national french fries day is the “Royal Perks Loyalty Program.” Even this deal can get redeemed with any purchase through Not only that, but Burger King also offers a daily contest where members can exchange the 50 crowns to win a cash prize of 3,000 USD.

The French Fries Deal In Del Taco

On this big day of french fries, Del Taco offers some exciting deals for its members. Here members can enjoy free medium-sized fries by just spending 3 USD. In addition, “Del Taco” also offers a free beer along with a battered crispy fish taco.

The French Fries Deal In McDonald’s

On this national French fries day, McDonald’s offers some festivities on Thursday. Here customers can enjoy any size of free fries by participating in any McDonald’s which are nearby their location.

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