Space Tourism Makes Way For Clearing Up Space For Space Sustainability


Sarmind Safi


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October 6, 2023

Space Tourism Makes Way For Clearing Up Space For Space Sustainability

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    The Orbotic Sytems has been awarded and recognized with two SBIR grants for the removal of space debris and space weather analytics. Both of them aim to address the growing issue of space sustainability, and Orbotic Sytems is working diligently to reverse the damage so far and decrease the chances of future problems with space debris.

    People have begun to be more vocal about space sustainability. This awareness will bring about infamy space pollution and help shape future space policy. It is incredible that more and more voices are being heard at The Paris Peace Forum and The Net Zero Space initiative.

    At the forum, what is set to be discussed will be used to adjudicate the future plans for space explorations and their overall sustainability.

    The French initiative of The Paris Peace Forum was launched in 2018 to bring together a multitude of stakeholders in Paris to address issues concerning global governance. Throughout the year, the forum focuses on the strengthening of the administration of common goods like cyberspace, oceans, and outer space, as well as the management of internationally significant issues like AI and other disruptive technologies. It also takes into account the ecological and social transitions of economies.

    The event brings together heads of state, heads of government, international organizations, private sector executives, and civil society heads to undertake concrete initiatives for the greater good.

    The Net Zero Space initiative is a similar multi-stakeholder initiative that calls to achieve the sustainable exploration of outer space by 2030. They plan to mitigate the production of new orbital debris and remove the ones already afloat. It also wants to raise awareness at a public and political level to have a larger impact and protect the orbital environment of our planet. They aim to foster interoperable standards in this matter.

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