The iPhone 15 has arrived with a huge change, which will annoy many users. The iPhone 15 unveiled will abandon the lightning connector, which has been the method for 11 years for charging. In its shape, this will be quite a bit different from the oval-shaped connector, which is USB-C.

Changing the USB-C port is not fun for almost every user because when Apple customers buy their next iPhones, they will no longer be able to plug in all the lightning accessories they have collected, including charging cables, earbuds, speaker docks, and so many others.

They will need to replace the new products that use USB-C connectors, which they can lug into their newly modeled iPhones. Modern headphones, laptops, and other game consoles, including Apple’s MacBooks, have long adopted the USB-C port as a standard charging port.

Last year, the European Union department announced a mandate requiring all smartphone users to acquire the USB-C as a common charging adapter by 2024. This will also allow customers to purchase fewer power cables, which can reduce further environmental waste. Many people are familiar and close with the scenario where someone is carrying the cable of an iPhone device, but it has been seen that a family member or friend requires a different one. The iPad Rehab owner, Jessa Jones, said that charger damage is one of the most real things. He further stated that this is widespread and this is something that you need to watch out for.

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