Do you want to live and work permanently in the United States?

You need a green card. The journey from the application to getting a green card passes through various stages. 

Please keep in mind that thousands of people go through the process of applying for a USA green card. But many reasons work behind the failure of getting it. Firstly they are not technically eligible for it. Secondly, they might not have met the basic requirements of the green card. Thirdly, they might have failed to meet the application requirements. 

Whatever there might be, the ultimate results will be the same in all the cases mentioned. Therefore to know things in detail, get a Green card lawyer. They are capable enough to help you out. The article discusses the factors that might prevent you from obtaining a green card.

The Factors That Might Prevent You From Getting the Green Card 

There are certain factors that might prevent you from getting a green card. Let’s have a look at them so that you understand things in greater detail. 

1. Lack of Basic Eligibility For US Green Card 

Firstly, you need to fulfill the basic eligibility criteria required to get a USA green card. Then, there are some ways through which you can get it. For example, you are a foreigner, but someone closely associated with you has a USA permanent residence. In that case, you can get it. However, please remember the person must be above the age of 21. 

If you get a job with a good company, in that case, the employer will sponsor your residence. 

Even if you are an entrepreneur with an aim to invest around $1 million, you can obtain a green card easily. But if you do not fulfill all of them, things will be difficult for you.

If you want to get a green card, you will have to undergo some medical checks. So any problem there can be a factor that can stop you from getting employment. 

For example, you may have a contagious disease. It might also be that you fail to provide the documents that support your vaccination. In that case, you will end up with a denial of your green card. 

3. Criminal -Record issues 

The entry into the USA soil passes through the corridor of clean image. If you do have a criminal record, forget about the US visa. Now you might ask what type of crime is included in the section on the criminal issue. 

Crimes like money laundering, prostitution, drug trafficking, commercialized vices, and others come under the list. You should hireĀ Drug charges defense lawyers, or criminal defense lawyers to help you relive from these cases before applying for a Visa.

When you are filling up the form for US residence, DS-260 (asking for the consular processing), and the form I-485, there are some questions truthfully. If you do not really put in the right information, straight away your green card aspirations turn Red. Therefore, do not provide any falsifying information; they can indeed ruin your prospects, that’s for sure. 

4. When Security Becomes A Real Issue 

The concerned authorities in the USA will take all details on your attachment with parties and ideologies. For example, suppose it is found that you attach yourself to totalitarian beliefs (as opposed to democratic values), like the Nazi party. 

In that case, your request or application to get a green card will be canceled. Even your association with espionage, sabotage, or violation of the USA Laws can indeed bring things to threat. They will unquestionably spread water on your green card dreams. 

5. Immigration Violators

Like any other free nation, the USA has the strictest norms and regulations that facilitate the lawful entry of an individual. However, if you are found to have engaged in efforts to enter the country illegally, they will sideline all your efforts to get legal entry into the country. 

From beginning to end, you need to keep your image clear. Anything beyond the lines can end up in a denial of a green card on US soil. There are details to this. It’s better to have discussions with a competent Green card lawyer.  

Closing The Discussion 

Getting a Green card in the USA has its own challenge. But if you are careful enough and disciplined from the beginning to the end, you can get a green card. But this is not that easy. You need to be watchful of the factors discussed above so that nothing can prevent you from getting a green card.

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