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November 30, 2020

O-1 Visa Lawyer

Are you planning to have a 0-1 Visa? Are you not sure about the fee that you might have to pay to the attorney? If the above question rings any bell, then you are certainly at the right place. Here we have come with a comprehensive guide for you. We will get you through all the details and provide you with all the necessary ideas that might help you get a 0-1 visa.

What is An 0-1 Visa?

Are you one of the people who are well-versed in science, literature, academics, business, or athletes? Or do you have any exemplary achievements in the field of entertainment? If so, then congratulations, you are eligible for the 01 Visa.

What 0-1 visa does for you?

It allows you to try your profession in the US. For instance, if you are a model and want to visit the US to become a part of the Hollywood industry. Then it is the 01 visa that you would need to visit the US.

Category of the 01 Visa:

  • 01A: Individuals excelling in the art of education and athleticism.
  • 01B: Individuals who are well known in the entertainment industry.
  • 0-2: This Visa is authorized to the support people of the 01 Visa holder.
  • 0-3: This Visa is authorized to the 01 and 02 Visa holders’ family members.

Eligible Criteria For 0-1 Visa

Applying for the 01 Visa means you have extraordinary capabilities and are well known either nationally or internationally. If you belong to another nation and want to visit the US to continue your work, you can apply for the 01 Visa.

Though you are famous, that does not mean that you can get the visa easily. You need to have documentation to prove your claim. To sum up, here are the requirements that you must meet to qualify for the 01 Visa.

  • Holder of extraordinary skills.
  • You must need to present the record of your excellence in your claimed skill.
  • You must be willing to visit the US for work purposes.

How Much Does An 01 Visa Cost?

The normal processing speed of the visa might take 3 to 6 months. However, you can boost the processing speed by taking the premium method, where your application will be reviewed in just 15 days.

The standard processing fee of the 01 visas is around $500, but you might have to pay three-fold if you want to take the premium process.

All the authority is with USCIS. They follow their protocol to accept the application. If your currency documents might not seem convincing, they might ask you to provide additional documents.

Why Do You Need an Attorney For 01 Visa?

The entire process of applying for the 01 visas is quite complex and stressful. There are chances that you might up somewhere along the way. To ensure that those mess up never happen, it is better that you hire an 01 visa attorney. Visa attorneys have all the relevant information to apply. You can leave all your visa work to him.

How Much Does Attorney Charge?

There is no fixed market price to hire a visa layer. Some might ask $3000 whereas some might $4000. However, be prepared to cash in somewhere between $3000-$6000. Before you hire a lawyer, it is highly recommended to ask them about their expertise, working hours, experience, portfolios, and other things that might be related to your work.

The bottom line is that you need to confirm why they are charging so much and what you will get in return.

Wrapping It Up

Securing an 01 Visa is a dream for many people, but do not let the whole process stress you out. If you can strike with the right procedure and hire a Visa attorney, you can effectively realize your dream. To know more about the 01 Visa, read more.

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