What Is A Re-Entry Permit & Why Do You Need One?


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June 30, 2022

Re-Entry Permit

Are you wondering what a re-entry permit is? Have you been living far away from your country for some time now? Are you worried about your return? If all these thoughts have been plaguing you, then you have arrived at the right destination because we are here to tell you all about re-entry permits and why you even need them.

If you ever have to Apply for a Re-Entry Permit, you will know the whole purpose behind doing the same. It might sound more complex than you initially assumed but trust us on this one – once you understand how these permits work, it won’t appear to be this challenging.

So without wasting any more time, simply scroll down to find out all that you need to know about the same.

All About Re-Entry Permits:

Coming back to re-entry permits, what are these? A re-entry permit can be defined as a type of travel document which looks pretty similar to a basic passport and also functions like one under most circumstances. Now, these are applicable for permanent residents, both conditional and lawful, who plan on traveling for more than a year outside the United States.

However, the time period cannot vary – you need to be traveling for more than a year, but it has to be less than two whole years. Otherwise, you will not be eligible to apply for the permit. The document can also be used more than once during the valid time period for re-entering the United States.

So without wasting any further time, let’s shed some light on the finer details related to re-entry permits.

Validity Period

Generally, re-entry permits remain valid for a period of two years from the time when it was first issued. However, the validity period naturally will vary for some permanent residents who spend an extensive period of time away from the country and even for certain conditional residents.

Now the thing about USCIS is pretty obvious – the USCIS will definitely not extend or even renew Reentry Permits – if your re-entry permit expires, you will be obviously required to apply again for a new permit. But in case you already have one permit, the USCIS will work under no circumstances to issue another one, simply for various security reasons.

So in case you already possess a valid permit, you have to return it while applying for a new permit. But if your permit has already expired, then, in that case, you need not submit that.

Applying For A Re-Entry Permit:

For obtaining a Re-Entry Permit, applicants must file Form I-131, Application for Travel Document, but while doing this, applicants have to be present physically in the US. After the filing is done, it will take the USCIS around 90 days to approve the request.

In fact, expedited processing might be available in the case of certain applicants. While applying for the permit, avoid making any mistakes, even minor ones, especially on your form – mistakes can cause both rejections and delays.

Why Do You Need A Re-Entry Permit?

You need a Re-Entry permit for basically two major reason – the reasons are as follows:

  1. These travel documents enable permanent residents based in the United States to reenter their country. After staying abroad for more than a year. But the permit stays valid for two whole years, after which its validity expires.
  2. Such permits also serve as a type of passport for permanent residents of the United States. In case the resident in question has no actual passport and is not able to obtain one.

If you don’t possess this permit, then it is highly possible that you will be denied entry to the United States on the grounds. In this case, you have permanently abandoned your residential status. After an entire year’s absence from the US, no green card is valid for re-entering the country again. These permits are extended for this very reason for preventing such problems.

And It’s A Wrap!

Now that you have a fair idea as to how these permits work, you can always apply for a re-entry permit without any issue. Moreover, you can also read up more on the same to understand the special case scenarios. Meanwhile, don’t forget to let us know your thoughts on the same in the comments below.

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