Efficient File Management: Unveiling The Power Of Lateral Filing Cabinets


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December 1, 2023

Efficient File Management

If you’re looking for a way to supercharge your workplace organization, look no further than maximum cabinet storage solutions. With so many arrangements, you’ll find the perfect solution for all your organization’s needs. Whether you need to store letter-sized paperwork or legal documents, there is a cabinet for you. Select from many different styles and materials to find the best arrangement for your business’s needs. 

You can choose the number of drawers you want your cabinets to have. The customization options are practically endless. You can also select the depth of the cabinets to ensure that all your paperwork will fit. Not only will utilizing filing cabinets help you organize your paperwork, but it will also allow you to maximize the amount of desk space and office space you have accessible. 

The best part? Stellar cabinets will last for years. Durable materials like metal, steel, and wood can be chosen to ensure that you have a cabinet that’s up to the challenge of storing your paperwork for the long haul. To learn more about the efficiency of file management with a lateral filing cabinet, continue reading. 

Defining A lateral filing cabinet

A lateral filing cabinet is an optimal choice for paperwork and general office material storage because they have the advantage of added storage capacity since the drawers are wider than they are compared to vertical cabinets. You can also store legal and letter-size paperwork or files in a single drawer. Securing files from side to side or front to back gives you more flexibility in your organization methods while still allowing you to see all your paperwork without it getting stuffed into drawers.

Advantages Of This Filing Cabinet System  

The most significant advantage of a lateral filing cabinet is that it offers more space, allowing you to store more in one location. As companies grow, they need more room in their storage cabinets to secure additional files. You’re less likely to require an additional cabinet purchase by sticking with a locking lateral file cabinet, as you’ll have the space you need for a lot longer before it’s time to purchase a new one. 

You can easily apply a lateral filing method when you utilize a lateral filing cabinet. In most cases, papers are added to the folder from the side. The ID tab rests on the side to quickly identify which file you need. Once you have located the file, you can pull documents out by holding onto the edges of the sides. Most lateral cabinets are accessible and may not even require drawers, depending on your chosen setup. 

The main features of lateral filing cabinets are:

  • Allows for files to rest on their side
  • Side labels are used to identify files.
  • Reduces the stress of identifying fields 
  • Eases the organization process
  • Allows ample room as paperwork compiles

Finding The Organizational Style That Works For You 

Ultimately, the best file management system is the one that will work for your office. No matter the filing technique you choose, know that lateral filing cabinets are superb for storing paperwork and documents. Consider how much space you need in your office now and how much you’ll require for safekeeping in the future. Smaller businesses may use alternative filing systems as they need less storage space to accommodate their paperwork. 

Typical Cabinet Dimensions 

On average, most lateral filing cabinets follow similar cabinet dimensions. A typical cabinet depth for lateral cabinets is 18-22 inches, with lengths ranging between 36 and 48 inches. The height can vary, typically increasing as the number of drawers are added. For instance, a 2-drawer lateral filing cabinet might be 29 inches high, whereas a 4-drawer lateral filing cabinet might be as much as 54 inches high. Some other standard dimensions include a height of 42 inches for a 3-drawer lateral filing cabinet and a height of 64 inches for a five-drawer lateral filing cabinet. 

Possible Arrangements And Cabinet Customizations 

You can find 2-5 drawer lateral filing cabinets to support your organization’s paperwork filing needs. Additional customizations in any arrangement may be possible depending on the manufacturer. Another perk of using the lateral filing cabinet is that they often use bars or rails that allow you to decide how you’ll file documents per drawer. 

You can modify the configurations of the bars/rails to support the paper size you need. Most cabinets move left to right, but you can find setups that include front-to-back motion. For added space, you can even find a lateral filing cabinet with pull-out storage shelves. 

Material Options To Consider 

You can choose from various materials to ensure your filing system is sturdy. The components of these cabinets are often accommodated with custom hardware for additional durability. Laminate lateral filing cabinets are heavier than alternatives, like metal filing cabinets, which are more likely to wear and tear. However, they are lighter than laminate cabinets, making them good options for offices that need to move cabinets around. 

Choosing The Right Filing System For Your Business 

Choosing the correct file system boils down to what you need for your business. Consider how much paper you need to store now and what you anticipate will be required in the future. Then, choose the filing cabinet solution that will best meet your needs. Nevertheless, if your goals are to maximize storage space and accommodate both legal and letter-sized documents, a lateral filing cabinet may be the solution you’ve been looking for.

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