To call starting a small business from scratch an ambitious undertaking would be an understatement. Getting a fledgling small business off the ground requires a level of dedication that many of us simply don’t possess.

As is the case with anything worth doing, preparation is key to success in small business, and a lack of it is liable to have a host of undesirable consequences. So, before opening the doors of your first small business, make sure to attend to the following prep work.


Research Demand And Competition

Research Demand And Competition

Before proceeding to open a new business in a city or township, you’ll need to do a bit of research. For one thing, it’s important to determine how much demand for the type of business you wish to open exists in this area.

How many other businesses of this type are already operational in the area? What are some of the key traits of the ones that have seen the most success? Obtaining the answers to these questions will help ensure that you’re able to select a suitable location for your business and prevent you from setting up shop in an area that’s unlikely to prove profitable. 

Additionally, even if there’s a fair amount of demand, it’s generally a good idea to avoid choosing an area that’s oversaturated with the type of business you’re looking to open. Unless you’re able to provide patrons with a radically different experience than your most successful competitors, you may be better off in an area with less competition.

Obtain The Proper Business Licenses

In advance of opening your business, it’s imperative that you obtain the proper licenses from your city or township. Operating a business without the necessary licenses can result in a host of problems, including prompt closure, hefty fines, and severe legal recourse.

For instance, if you open a restaurant without first obtaining your food and liquor licenses, you’ll be opening yourself to a litany of undesirable consequences. Fortunately, getting the licenses you need shouldn’t prove particularly hard, particularly in municipalities that utilize cutting-edge government software systems.   

Don’t Go Overboard When Selecting A Workspace

Selecting A Workspace

When seeking out a suitable store or office space, take care to avoid going overboard. While there’s certainly nothing wrong with aiming big, it’s strongly advised that you abstain from spending too much capital too soon – especially if your business has yet to properly establish itself.

So, when scouting out prospective spaces, make sure to be mindful of how much room your business truly needs. Sure, everyone wants as much space as possible, but renting out a needlessly spacious workspace can be a considerable drain on your enterprise’s limited finances.

Additionally, if a fair number of your team members will be working remotely and spending very little time in the office, remember to take this into account when making your decision.

If you’re absolutely married to the idea of renting out a workspace that offers more room than you need, use this goal to motivate yourself to have a fantastic first year. Should your business’s inaugural year prove to be a smashing success, you can revisit the workspace situation with more capital.

Abstain From Hiring Friends And Relatives

We all want to do right by the people we care about. So, when starting a new business, it’s only natural that you’d consider friends, relatives, and assorted acquaintances for various roles. However, no matter how well-intentioned you are, staffing key positions with people with whom you have preexisting relationships can lead to big problems.

First off, reprimanding a friend or family member for poor work or unbecoming conduct can create an awkward situation for everyone involved. Secondly, if other employees become aware of the nature of your relationship, you’re practically guaranteed to be accused of favoritism.

While this isn’t to say that you should avoid hiring friends and relatives in every conceivable circumstance, you should be fully aware of the risks should you choose to add a loved one to your staff.

As is the case with many other things in life, success in small business requires a fair amount of prep work. Diving into small business ownership without doing your homework can result in a host of rookie mistakes – and possibly even premature closure.

The more time and effort you put into preparing to open your first business, the less likely you are to hit certain stumbling blocks on the path to success. So, if you’ll soon be placing an “OPEN” sign on your first small business, remember to heed the advice outlined above. 

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