Why HR Should be Outsourced


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March 30, 2021

HR Should be Outsourced

The manner in which organizations and businesses look after their employees is accepted as one of the monikers of business success.

It is however an incredibly complex task to manage your core business, producing quality products and services as well as managing staff – ensuring their prompt payment, allocating them the correct benefits, and working towards improving their wellbeing.

This article presents the argument for outsourcing your HR and shows why doing so will be a vital part of growing and progressing your business.



The primary focus of outsourcing is to farm out tasks to other firms or individuals who have the required expertise.

The predominant manner in which this works is to keep the key business focus in-house and then to allow experts in the various other fields to run these business functions as their own projects. The IT sector has seen a huge increase in outsourcing contracts, with software as a service and the Cloud, allowing much more to be done by external agents in a remote fashion.

It has been one of the biggest business sectors that have experienced a marked increase in outsourcing and contracted service providers. The technology and software are now available to allow for so much to be done remotely that even the most people-centric functions are being moved online.

Using an enterprise that is external to your company for their specialist skills is thus not a new phenomenon. It has progressed to the point where, as aforementioned, everything but the core function of the company can be professionally outsourced.

Human resources in their entirety or various specific aspects of a company’s HR will be more effectively and efficiently performed by those who have this as their core function. Furthermore, various ‘process specific’ software is available for use in and for human resources and can streamline many an existing HR process.

There is a long list of things that the internal HR team or department may be responsible for in a company. These range from payroll to workplace safety and everything else in between that concerns staffing in any way.

It is a great deal to get done and as such several firms may have an HR department, or key person, but will still outsource some of the key functions such as wellness, or health and safety, and payroll.

The Advantages of an External Human Resource Service Provider-

Your business will be guaranteed specific skills and expertise:

If you hire an HR firm for a specific function, you will be paying for their expertise, they should have a wealth of experience in the field and be able to run the project or implement the improvement from beginning to end and report on it with suggestions for the way forward.

So, if you feel that it is payroll that has begun to take up a lot of your time, then perhaps this would be the time to move into the realm of a contracted HR service provider. It is all about what your business needs to progress.

 A specialist HR team will provide improved legislative compliance:

The HR firm that you hire is specialists in dealing with people issues and specific people at work. They will have a clear understanding of the state and national labor laws and be in a position to advise and improve your firm’s compliance in this regard.

They are not labor lawyers but will be able to guide you as to current labor policy and advise as to how your business can stay labor law compliant.

Improved efficiencies:

By allowing your business to focus on the revenue-generating efforts of the enterprise, it is able to maximize employee efficiency. Knowing that all staffing matters, or those that the outsourced company is dealing with, will be managed will allow your business to maintain its focus on quality products and services and on finding customers and clients.

Cost savings:

Using outsourced HR for payroll and all staffing issues allows for saving on equipment, software and on personnel.

The professional HR consultant that you choose to use will likely have their own current and cutting-edge software and offer software as a service. Enquire from the outset as to whether you will be able to access and use functions such as payroll, performance management, employee benefits, and wellness, and then to have access to all this saved data over the long-term.

This must be a key component of the outsourced HR contract and will save you a great deal of money.

HR and the constant changes in the world of work mean you need a professional who can use HR analytics to improve your functionality and business model. The benefits of HR outsourcing are clear and it must be remembered that these will only be achieved with a professional, experienced service provider.

There are some perceived disadvantages in outsourcing your HR, but these are generally related to choosing the wrong service provider, rather than with the principle of outsourcing itself. The most notable disadvantage that has been raised, is the loss of control over key business functions.

This is why the selection of your service provider must be done very carefully. There will need to be a relationship of trust so that as a business owner or manager you are able to leave certain business functions in the hands of the contracted HR and know that they will be performed to your expected standards.

As with any contracted service, prior research and reviews or references from previous clients will be one of the ways to avoid disappointment. Then it will be the contract itself that you must get right. Be clear as to the exact HR processes and functions that will be outsourced and ensure that you have a contract manager internally who will monitor and evaluate implementation.

Do what you do best and let the professionals do the rest, find a reputable service provider with experience in your sector, and outsource your human resources.

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