How to Increase Employee Retention


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January 25, 2021

Employee Retention

Whenever a business grows, one thing on the mind of both managers and owners is how to employ people who stick around. Having to hire new people time and time again wastes time, creates an unsettled work environment, and reflects negatively on the company. So, if you want to start hiring people who see their jobs as careers, then read on for how to do so.

Offer Excellent Benefits

Offer Excellent Benefits 

When searching for careers, benefits are at the forefront of people’s minds. If a company is offering weak benefits, then, while a person might take the role, they are likely to keep an eye out for other offers.

Avoid losing out on talented employees by offering excellent benefits from the get-go. Use a  health plan marketplace to manage benefits and find great deals on health plans, so you can give your team the health benefits they need without compromising your budget.

Reward and Recognize their Efforts with Gifts

If you have a working culture where employees are recognized and rewarded for their hard work, you will experience higher retention rates. Studies have found that employees that are appreciated for their work and productivity are more satisfied, happier, and do not think about jumping ship.

You can always use holiday occasions to give Christmas gifts for employees. When you make this a part of your working culture, employees will start looking and waiting for these gifting occasions. This is one of the easiest and result-oriented ways to boost retention rates.

Onboard Effectively 

The onboarding stage is crucial when it comes to employee retention. It’s the time when people drop out, so you must showcase your company in a positive light to make your hires stick around.

The first stage of effective onboarding is hiring the right people. You must focus on hard work, talent, and passion if you want to employ people who will dedicate themselves to the company. When looking at resumes, take note of people who don’t seem to stick at any one company for longer than a few months, as the chances are, they won’t stick at yours, either.

Raise Salaries When Necessary 


It can be hard to toe the line between providing fair salaries and keeping company costs down. One of the worst decisions you can make is not raising the pay of those who have worked hard at the company for years, however. Not only will they feel like their work isn’t recognized, but they might also find another better-paying career, meaning you lose a key team member with years of experience.

Offer Training 

Don’t assume that your team is happy to stay where they are for their whole careers. People are more motivated and positive when they have goals to strive for, so you should provide them with training and education opportunities. This way, they will feel like they are working towards something, lessening their chance of looking elsewhere for a job.

Solve Conflict Quickly 

No matter how positive the work environment is, there will come a time where conflict erupts in the office. To keep everyone happy and focused, you must resolve this as quickly as possible, no matter how small it seems. If you don’t, you run the risk of letting it fester, creating a negative atmosphere and possibly losing some of your key team members. After all, nobody wants to go to work where there is unsettled tension.

Be Open 

Honesty is the best policy for businesses who want to keep their employees around. If you always over-promise and under-deliver, then your team will begin to lose faith in you and start looking elsewhere for work.

When there is something wrong, and you cannot provide positive news, you must be open about it. While it might upset your team in the short term, it will increase their respect for you in the long run.

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