How Do You Decorate Your Home With Lights?


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May 5, 2021

Decorate Your Home With Lights

Illumination is a well-known element for any perfect interior. Casting your home in the right light can jazz up a humdrum space and enhance an entire space’s ambiance.

So, if you agree with this, you’d love to try out the following Instagram-worthy ideas to decorate your home with lights.

Lava Lamps:

Lava Lamps

Give any room in your house perfect vibrancy with multiple colours dancing in a frosted vase. Lava lamps feature a string of multi-colored lights packed into a vase. They run off the battery to one side.

You can place lava lamps in any dark corner of your bedroom or living room. And, let lights dance up the night.

Stars in the Nursery:

Stars in the Nursery


Create an illusion of the night sky inside the room with a faux ceiling panel. It often comes packed with string lights. A sturdy foam board creates the panel that covers the ceiling.

Lighting peeks through the foam board and creating a fairy-like illumination of the charming night sky. It’s suitable for the rooms of babies, kids, teens, and adults too.

Frame a Window:

Frame a Window

Use string lights to create an incredible focal point in your room. It can be a window, fireplace, mantel, sculpture, or any area in the room. Frame it using string lighting to brighten up the entire room.

Rest Lights On Your Headboard:

Rest Lights On Your Headboard

Get some fairy lights and use them as an instant and softer way to brighten up your bedroom. These lights cast enough brightness to be suitable for an early-morning tea in bed or a late-night reading session.

Wrap up these lights around the headboard, or rest them atop the bedpost. It is sure to give your bedroom a pleasant, inviting glow.

A Sense of Lighting:

A Sense of Lighting

If you can’t get real lights, you can lend your space a sense of it. For instance, you can hang Northern lights art on your wall to brighten it up. This will bring the charm of this natural phenomenon to your space and make it look magnificent.

To amp up the look, you can cover the border of the wall art using string lights.

Bring the Forest Indoors:

Bring the Forest Indoors

Create a tangle of string lights in the form of an illuminating tree. It’s a wonderful idea for the playrooms and the bedroom. Wires of the light provide detail to the branches and trunks of the tree.

Each point of the light serves as a blossom or leaf and keeps filling out the room with the forest’s natural beauty. With so many unique and amusing ways to go, this updated idea is sure to create a pleasing space.

Statement with Lights:

Statement with LightsSweeping curves, as well as dazzling lights, let you express your dreams, fantasies, and hopes on any wall of your house. Ideally, a child’s nursery is the best candidate to decorate with string lights.

It’s because they provide a soft glow ideal for sleeping without creating pitch darkness. On top of that, you can add your personal wish by creating a hopeful message to take your little one into dreamland every night.

Do you have more updated ideas in your mind? Share with us!

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