Top Tips for Revamping Your Basement


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January 20, 2021

Revamping Your Basement

If you are lucky enough to have a basement underneath your house, chances are that you are not using it to its full potential. Basement spaces are often used as glamorless storage zones, utility rooms, or just sit empty and the cobweb is strewn beneath the more well-utilized areas of the home.

Basements, however, have huge potential as genuine living spaces. What they lack in natural light they can more than makeup for by being cozy and secluded. Do away with damp and bare concrete flooring, old bicycles and washing machines, and revamp your underground lair. Here are a few top tips for making your basement space work for you.

Get Rid of the Damp

Get Rid of the Damp

One problem that you are likely to encounter when converting your basement for any purpose is dampness. Getting rid of the damp before you start any conversion work should be a high priority, as wet walls and floors can wreck your furniture and electrics over time. Luckily, there are plenty of basement waterproofing solutions offered by contracting companies that will ensure your newly converted room won’t end up sodden.

Need a Place to Make Some Noise?

Are you a budding musician? Basements can make perfect recording studios if you are willing to put in a bit of work. Being located under the ground gives a basement wonderful sound insulation coverage. By using framing and stuffing, you can make the average basement almost completely soundproof – you won’t have to worry about waking your neighbors up with your metal drumming anymore.

The infamous musician has a wonderful step-by-step guide for turning the average townhouse basement into a fully-fledged recording studio. Lots of the techniques used are relatively labor-intensive, but you can cut a few corners if your basement is well enough insulated by the earth surrounding it.

Lighting Is Key


Basements obviously lack natural light sources, so you’ll need to think very carefully about how you use electrical lighting. Neon-lit basement rooms are becoming fashionable, but although they give off a cool, bar-like vibe, neon lights tend to leave lots of dark corners. Daylight lamps are expensive, but give a very even, bright light – useful if you want to read, paint, or game in your new hangout.

Enter the Den

The den is a North American institution, a place where family members can pursue their hobbies in private. Basements can feel very private indeed, and really suit being converted into hobby rooms. Whether you want to build a complex model railway in your den like the long-suffering Reverend Lovejoy or simply feel free from the distractions of the modern world, the basement is the perfect secret spot.

All Fun and Games

Fun and Games

Basement games rooms can be wonderful places for the family to relax together, or for having guests round for a few drinks. Basements are often the perfect venue for a pool table – which would take up too much room in the living areas of the house.

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