4 Car Mods to Make Your Ride More Impressive


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May 27, 2021

Car Mods to Make Your Ride More Impressive

If you are a fellow petrol head who loves their automobile, why not modify your ride so that it is your dream car and performs exactly how you want it to? Life is too short to live in the slow lane, so take your car and transform it. Not sure how to do so? Here are the top car mods for you to consider and apply to your own vehicle.

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1. Upgrade Your Tires:

Having the best tires may seem like an expenditure, but by investing in new tires that are considered impressive and efficient, you can improve the car’s performance and safety.

Never overlook your car’s tires as they are the part of the car that can protect you when driving on wet surfaces and also help your drive more confidently. Remember, though, that no matter what brand of tire you invest in, you will need to check them regularly to ensure that they are not damaged or too worn out. Here is an article on the best tires to invest in.

2. Tint Your Car’s Windows:

Window tinting is a favorite car modification that numerous car owners do because it not only improves the appearance of your car but also protects you from the sun’s UV rays and also protects your belongings by preventing people passing by from looking into your car and seeing your possessions.

Furthermore, window tinting can help prevent the fading of your car’s interior by stopping the sunlight from seeping through and discoloring the inside. Interested in tinting your car’s windows? Modern Image offers windowing tinting and a variety of other services.

2. Tint Your Car’s Windows:

3. Racing Pedals:

Why settle for boring traditional car pedals when you could upgrade them to racing pedals? Racing pedals offer great customization as they come in a variety of colors. Racing pedals are also easy to install, so if you know enough about cars and how to upgrade them, you could do this yourself.

You could also consider installing a dead pedal, which is simply a spare pedal that sits next to your clutch and simply acts as a place for you to rest your foot. This can stop you from resting your foot on the clutch that can, over time, cause damage to your car.

4. LED Lighting:

You may be thinking, “LED lighting? In a car?”, and although it may sound odd, the inclusion of LED lighting can greatly improve your car’s appearance and make your vehicle look a little less dull. LED lights do not require a lot of power for them to run and they can be cheaper (depending on where you get them from and the brand you decide to choose).

Why settle for less when it comes to your car? A car can be a hefty investment and if you travel to and from work, you may be spending a lot of time in your vehicle. Make sure it is comfortable and safe by modifying your vehicle so that it looks exactly how you want it to and is efficient.

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