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April 20, 2021

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Defining A Commercial Motor Vehicle?

A commercial motor vehicle (CMV) can be defined as a vehicle that is used for commercial or business purposes. In a basic sense, it can be identified as a motor vehicle, the prime motive of which is to transport various materials or goods for the profit of an individual or business.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) has certain specifications concerning weight requirements that a vehicle must meet in order to qualify as commercial. Some examples of these kinds of vehicles are box trucks, pickup trucks, vans, buses, coaches, trailers, and so on. 

What Is A Commercial Driver’s license?

A commercial driver’s license, or CDL, is a fundamental document that is authorized by the government. Basically, it is a license given to the driver who has to steer heavy, large, or hazardous motor vehicles that are used for commercial purposes.

This document generally dignifies the license holder’s ability to operate commercial motor vehicles on public highways and other roads. A commercial driver’s license is usually issued by the Regional Transport Office (RTO). Vehicle tax collection, maintaining car and driver records, and issuing registrations are among the responsibilities of the transport office. 

Difference Between Commercial Vehicle License vs. Private License

Commercial Vehicle License Non-Commercial Vehicle License
  1. This license allows people to drive commercial motor vehicles.
  2. This license allows people to drive larger vehicles that have a weight of as much as 50,00lbs or more.
  3. For driving a commercial vehicle, an individual must be above the age of 18-21 years. 
  4. You need to go through an intensive exam and possess deep knowledge of commercial motor vehicles to acquire this license. 
  1. This license allows people to only drive private vehicles.
  2. This license allows people to drive smaller vehicles that weigh around 5000-8000lbs. 
  3. For driving a private vehicle, you will be able to acquire a learner’s license by the age of 14-15 years.
  4. You need to pass a simple test for getting a general license. 

Types Of Commercial Vehicle Licences 

Type of LicenseUsage
HGMVHeavy goods motor vehicle
LMVLight motor vehicles
HMVHeavy motor vehicles
MGVMedium goods vehicle 
TrailerSame as heavy vehicle license 
LMV-NTLight motor vehicles used for the non-transport purpose
HTV/HPMVHeavy transport vehicle/heavy passenger motor vehicle

Eligibility Criteria For Commercial Driving License

Obtaining a commercial driver’s license is not a very easy process. You need to be well acquainted with the requirements before being able to apply for the license of a commercial motor vehicle. Let us look into the details of the eligibility criteria to apply for this license:

1. AGE 

The age requirement to apply for a commercial driver’s license calls for the individual to be a minimum of 18-22 years of age. However, this might vary according to the laws and regulations of the state. 


Anybody who wishes to apply for a commercial license needs to be at least an eighth standard pass out. The person must also possess a basic level of intelligence and knowledge about vehicles, traffic signs, and other rules. 


For acquiring a commercial vehicle license, it is mandatory that the applicant has to be trained from a government-recognized motor school.


It is essential to acquire a learner’s license for anybody who wishes to apply for a commercial motor vehicle license. After you pass through a written test, you will be given a learner’s license that will be an authorization to drive a vehicle for a specific period for being able to learn well. 


After you have learned to drive efficiently, you need to appear for a driving test. A presiding officer will be present to examine your driving skills. If an individual is able to clear the exam to the officer’s satisfaction, he or she will be eligible for the commercial license. 

Documents Required To Get A Commercial Driving Licence

Before you apply for a commercial driver’s license, you need to have certain documents in hand:

  1. Identity Proof includes your passport, birth certificate, and social security card.
  2. Address Proof that also includes your passport, voter id, utility bills.
  3. Form 2
  4. Form 1A
  5. Form 5
  6. Application Fee
  7. Passport-sized photographs

What Happens If You Lose The Commercial License?

If this ever happens that you somehow lose your driver’s license, the best possible solution is to immediately visit the nearest police station. You need to report this incident to the officer and make sure they file an FIR. Next, you need to approach the Regional Transport Office and apply for a duplicate license.


Now you know everything about how to grab a commercial motor vehicle license. It might sound like a lengthy process, but it is not as difficult as it sounds. However, to be eligible for acquiring this license, you need to be well versed with your driving skills and your knowledge of the road.

You also need to make sure that you are passing all the criteria that are needed to be eligible for the commercial vehicle license. Having your documents sorted to be able will make the process much easier for you. Hence, the moment you are good to go with all of these, you are all to get your first commercial driver’s license. 

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