Ford Escape Hybrid: 2022 Reviews, Pricing & Specs


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February 14, 2022

Ford Escape Hybrid

The hybrid powertrain of the brand new ford escape hybrid 2022 is an SUV that you may pick interest in. Of course, there may be other excellent cars in the same price ranges, but ford offers some good specs worth checking out.

The all-new ford escape offers better handling, fuel economy, a pretty responsive powertrain, and natural brakes. Compared to the previous ford escape hybrid 2021, the 2022 version has improved impressively. But there are not many new additions in terms of features in the latest models.

There are different other trims of the ford escape like the 2021 Ford escape SE hybrid, ford escape plug-in hybrid, 2021 ford escape hybrid, 2021 ford escape titanium hybrid, 2020 ford escape hybrid. But, the base trim is the main attraction.

If you are looking for an affordable SUV with all the specs you need at the price range, you can check out this small review that I have put down here in this article. I have listed all the primary specs, pros and cons, performance, and several other aspects of the Ford Escape hybrid in this car review.

Ford Escape: What’s New

Ford Escape What's New

There haven’t been major changes in the car in 2022. Compared to the 2021 ford escape hybrid, the 2022 version does not offer additional features. However, there have been slight changes in the performance.

The 2022 ford escape hybrid has become-

  • a little more preppy and offers a better fuel economy.
  • All the features of the previous version carry on to the 2022 version.
  • There are new colors available.
  • The handling and riding experience has improved.
  • The cabin was already spacious; the seats had become more comfortable.
  • Standard safety techs included in the previous version remain to exist.
  • Post-collision braking and curve control are available in the new version as well.

Ford Escape Specs

Ford Escape Specs

If you are looking for a compact SUV that offers excellent fuel economy, you can certainly check the ford escape hybrid 2022. However, the 2.5 Liter hybrid engine produces 200 hp horsepower and offers you a smooth handling and driving experience.

You get FWD/AWD drivetrains in the ford escape hybrid models. The car has a 14.2 gal fuel capacity. In addition, the standard MPG of the ford hybrid escape SUV will offer you a 155 lb.-ft torque. Besides, if you run out of gas, the 37 miles of all-electric range will come to your rescue.

Also, the six-seater SUV, including the driver, maybe just the family ride you need for yourself. Here are some of the highlighted specs of the ford escape hybrid SUV 2022-

EngineHybrid 2.5L iVCT Atkinson-Cycle I-4 engine
CylindersInline 4 cylinders
Transmission8-Speed Automatic
Total Seats5 seats are there in the car
Combined MPG105 MPG (Highway And City)
Fuel Tank14.2 gal
Range (City/Highway)520 miles of combined range, 37 miles electric
Torque155 lb.-ft
Horse Power200 hp horsepower
SafetyDriver’s and passenger’s Airbags, seat belts, 4 wheel ABS and disk brakes, traction control, blind spot monitor.
Warranty8 years warranty
Colors6 colors with three new additional blue colors

Ford Escape Hybrid Pros & Cons

If you want to truly consider this car, you can take a look at the pros and cons of the Ford Hybrid Escape. Here are the pros and the cons-


  • Great fuel economy.
  • The riding and handling are better than before.
  • New blue color variants are available.
  • Responsive powertrain.
  • The braking system is impressive at the price range.


  • The acceleration could have been better.
  • Interior materials do not seem premium.
  • The cargo space is not up to the mark.

Ford Escape Hybrid Review

Ford Escape Hybrid Review

There are many cars like The new Honda CR-V, Toyota RAV 4 and, Chevrolet Equinox to rival the new ford escape. Since rivals offer almost the same performance, it is better to check the car fully before considering buying it. Here is a detailed review to help you make up your mind-

1. Engine And Performance

Both three-cylinder and four-cylinder engine options are available for the Ford Escape Hybrid. The powertrain is the same for all the hybrid escapes. Coupled with a sour cylinder 2.5 L naturally aspirated engine and an electric motor, the new ford hybrid offers 200 hp horsepower.

The only transmission option is a CVT automatic. The FWD stays standard in all the trims, while AWD is also available. In addition, it only takes 8.7 seconds for the SUV to reach a 60mph speed.

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2. Fuel Economy

The fuel economy of the Ford Escape is the main attraction of the car. The hybrid engine returns you a 105 combined MPGe. You can use all-electric energy for a 37 miles range if you run out of fuel. The 520 miles of combined range rivals many of the existing and upcoming SUVs in the market.

3. Interior And Exterior

Ford Escape Hybrid Interior And Exterior

The car’s interior comes with all the tech equipment as in the previous models. The legroom and the seats are spacious and comfy. But the cabin material seems cheap. The cabin space deserves improvement with more space for the cargo.

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4. Safety

Ford Escape Hybrid Safety

You get almost all the safety features you can expect in a small SUV in the price range. Here are the safety features of the new ford 2022 escape hybrid-

  • Driver’s and passenger’s Airbags.
  • Font head airbags and knee airbags.
  • Seat belts for all the passengers.
  • Four-wheel ABS and disk brakes.
  • Traction control.
  • Blindspot monitor.
  • Child Safety Locks.
  • Brake Assist.
  • Lane Keeping Assist.
  • Lane Departure Warning.
  • Cross-Traffic Alert.

5. Model Variants

Ford Escape has various trims, including plugin-hybrid options. The base variant is the most value-for-money SUV among all the trims. If you want to look at other ford escape model variants, you can check these out –

  • 2022 Ford Escape Titanium Hybrid AWD SUV
  • 2022 Ford Escape SE Hybrid AWD SUV
  • 2022 Ford Escape SEL Hybrid AWD SUV
  • 2022 Ford Escape SE Hybrid SUV
  • 2022 Ford Escape SEL Hybrid SUV
  • 2022 Ford Escape Titanium Hybrid SUV

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6. Pricing And Warranty

For a compact hybrid SUV at the base trim, ford’s new escape hybrid costs you only $28,490. So the car is indeed not overpriced. You also get eight years of warranty. 

Should You Buy This Car?

If you want a compact SUV and aim for the lower trims because of the affordability and fuel efficiency, you can surely buy the new ford escape hybrid. Also, Ford is a trustworthy brand and has been selling good-quality vehicles for years. For a fuel-efficient SUV, it lives up to the expectations.

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