Car Repairs You Should Never Attempt Yourself

Car Repairs

It used to be that almost every car repair that you needed to make would require a trip to your local mechanic and an expensive bill. Nowadays, there are guides and tutorials on almost every repair job imaginable, and YouTube alone has more car repair videos than you could ever need. While most easy fixes can be done by yourself, there are occasions when it’s much safer and more practical to hand your repairs over to a professional. Of course, you may have a higher level of experience with some car repair jobs than others. Whether you’re expert level or you don’t know the difference between a Phillips screwdriver and a wrench, here are the car repairs you should never attempt yourself.

Body Work:

Body Work

From your paint job to your body panels, this should always be left to those with experience and the right tools. From noxious fumes to the cost, for repairing paintwork or dents on your car’s exterior, it’s best to leave this type of repair to those that know what they’re doing.

Hail Damage Repair:

Hail Damage Repair

Trying to repair dents caused by hail damage can result in your car being left in worse conditions. Repairing dents and scrapes from hail damage can be complicated and time-consuming. Most of the DIY repair methods online don’t work at all, and some of them can further damage your car. It’s best to choose an auto hail repair specialist when it comes to repairing any kind of dents, as they could fix your car much faster and better than doing it yourself. More importantly, Your insurance may be paying for the repair entirely if you have comprehensive coverage.

Engine Control Unit Tuning and Fixes:

Engine Control Unit Tuning and Fixes:

Computer repairs on your car can be an absolute nightmare. Unless you have had very specific training, a registered professional should always carry automotive computer repairs. If you’ve been trained to understand and repair air/fuel ratios, redline limiters, and shift points, you may be capable of making repairs to your ECU. If not, look for a professional tuner who has. Messing with your car’s computer components will almost always leave you with a car that’s not going to start, stalls when it does start, and is generally unusable.

Replacing a Windshield:

Replacing a Windshield

One of the most dreaded car repairs, replacing your front windscreen/windshield, can be one of the costliest repairs that drivers ever have to make. The actual process of taking out the windscreen and replacing it isn’t that challenging, but the costs of having it done professionally are usually around the same price as doing it by yourself. Once you’ve bought the windscreen itself, the clips, the adhesive, and then trim pieces, you’ll find that what you’re paying isn’t usually that far off the quote that you get from your local repair shop. And if you make a single mistake, then the chances of that windshield breaking again will only grow. Leave replacing your cracked windshield to the pros so that your new windshield lasts longer and is much safer.

Replacing Coil Springs:

Replacing Coil Springs

If there’s one car repair job that you never want even to consider doing yourself, it’s repairing, replacing, or swapping your coil springs. That’s because those springs are held in a state of constant and extreme pressure. One mistake and that pressure can become fatal. Needing to replace a coil spring is very common, but you should never contemplate fixing them yourself. There are video guides that will take you step by step through the process, but this is one car repair job that’s far too risky to try doing on your own. Even if you get a high quote for coil spring repairs, it’s never smart to mess about with something so potentially dangerous.

Fixing Airbags:

Fixing Airbags

Like coil springs, this is much too risky to try and do yourself. Not only do airbags contain a propellant that is only marginally off being classified as an explosive, but they also contain some harmful chemicals. The most common is sodium azide. This is very toxic, and the CDC warns against contact. It can cause convulsions, lung injury, respiratory failure, and many more ill effects. If that doesn’t put you off the idea of repairing your own airbags, then nothing will. Whether you’ve noticed a problem with your airbag setup or yours has recently gone off, and you need to have it replaced, always use a professional who knows what they’re doing.

It’s never been easier to make your own car repairs. From changing your brake pads to replacing headlights or your air filter, low-cost parts and online guides are easier to find than ever. Stick to doing the repair jobs that are safe to do and cheaper than using a professional, and your car will be safer to drive and will have a longer life expectancy.

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