The Hip-Hop Artist 50 Cent Doesn’t Identify As A Person, Referred To As A Thing


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November 16, 2023

Hip-Hop Artist 50 Cent Doesn’t Identify As A Person

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    50 Cent has stated he no longer would be identified as a person but rather would be identified as it/thing. The G-Unit Mogul wants to be referred to as it. On Monday, the declaration arrived in an Instagram post when Fif transmitted a carousel of many pictures from his Final Lap Tour as this made its way through Europe.

    He wrote jokingly that he preferred him as the thing 50 cents. But don’t identify him as a person anymore because he is a thing. Even he further wished Thank You in advance. Once the announcement made headlines, 50 folded down on his sentiments in another post, which was on Wednesday.

    He captioned one screenshot, “Yes I identify as a thing, my pronoun is IT/THING.” Although he is not the first hip-hop artist to discuss the changes in pronouns, in 2022, Lil Uzi Vert announced that they now want to be referred to by the gender pronouns them/they. In other 50 Cent news, the Queen rap legend became a member of more than ten million clubs. Even you must be surprised after knowing 50 cent net worth

    As per the Chart Data, two decades after its initial release, the G-Unit 2003 boss was certified as Diamond on November 1. He further wrote that “In Da Club officially reached 10,000,000 singles sold.”

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