The online dashboard TweetDeck will soon require users of Twitter to be verified, the business revealed on Monday.

Users may simply monitor content by organizing the accounts they follow into separate columns using the well-known application, which was previously free. Businesses and organizations related to news and journalism have embraced it.

The new policy, which the firm announced in a tweet, will go into effect in thirty days and might help the platform, which has had trouble keeping advertisers under Elon Musk’s ownership, increase its revenue.

The choice was made in the midst of a number of significant changes Musk imposed, including the need for users to be logged in to access tweets and a daily restriction of 1,000 tweets for unverified accounts.

According to The Guardian, “The TweetDeck change could be an attempt to push more users to the Twitter Blue program, through which users can pay for verification. The subscription service costs $11 per month in the US (on iOS or Android), £11 in the UK and $19 in Australia, and includes the blue checkmark, a demarcation previously free to politicians, journalists and other notable public figures.”

A “temporary emergency measure,” according to Musk, the limited tweet policy was put in place to prevent “extreme levels” of data harvesting and “system manipulation,” which he said were degrading the user experience. The executive has previously voiced anger at firms using artificial intelligence that scraped information from Twitter and other social media sites to train their systems.

He declared, “We will unquestionably pursue legal action against individuals who stole our data and look forward to seeing them in court, which will hopefully be in 2 to 3 years from now.

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