Why Are Laptops So Expensive In 2023? Everything You Should Know About


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March 6, 2023

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why are laptops so expensive

Why are laptops so expensive? – This is one of the most common questions that we come across on the internet quite often. If you are finding laptops and PC expensive near your area, one of the major reasons can be PC and laptop shortage. Furthermore, with added costs in manufacturing after the coming of the Covid-19 pandemic, the world saw a surge in prices.

In this article, we will mainly discuss why there has been a surge in laptop prices in 2023. We will discuss the major reasons for the increase in laptop and PC prices in the second half of the year 2022. On the other hand, if you want to know why Gaming laptops and PCs are highly priced, then we have the answer to this question too.

Why Are Laptops So Expensive? – Reasons For Price Increase  

Why Are Laptops So Expensive – Reasons For Price Increase 

After the Covid-19 pandemic set out, it impacted many logistics and supply chains. Hence, this also impacted the price of laptops. In addition, manufacturing costs also increased due to a rise in the prices of raw materials after the pandemic. Hence, the major producers of laptops have considered increasing the price of their produce during the second half of 2022. Here are some of the major reasons for the increase in the price of laptops in 2023:

Shortage Of Components  

Shortage Of Components  

According to Forbes magazine, “There are shortages of dozens of components needed to make PCs, laptops and tablets. Although the display backlog seems to have eased, other components from memory, supporting semiconductors, connectors, and other integral hardware components are backlogged with no actual relief throughout 2022 and 2023.”

China is a major producer of laptop parts. Due to ongoing supply chain issues in China due to frequent lockdowns and other logistics issues due to the Russia-Ukraine conflicts, the prices of laptops and PC parts increased a lot. Hence, laptop makers are forced to increase their prices.

Affected Shipments And Logistics  

Affected Shipments And Logistics  

According to Gizmodo.com, “global PC shipments in Q1 2022 fell year-over-year for the first time since the same quarter in 2020. Despite a 3% shipment fall off, worldwide PC revenues actually increased a whopping 15%. In other words, PC makers are bringing in more cash even as they sell fewer products than before.”

Hence, if you are on the look for a good quality laptop, it is probably of high price. In the next few years, the prices of laptops will only see an upswing a few years back, when smartphones and tablets tried to derail the growth of laptops and PCs, which in turn, led to the lowering of the prices. However, if you want to buy laptops in 2023 or in upcoming years, you will probably have to pay more.

Higher Prices Of PC-Chipsets  

Higher Prices Of PC-Chipsets 

Many top semiconductor manufacturing companies have talked about the rise in the prices of chips that are used inside PCs. It means that the price of hardware will be more as a result. There is a 10% to 20% surge in the prices of these PC components. Hence, as a result, the world saw a rise in the prices of all types of hardware components. Furthermore, many CPU and processor companies like Intel, AMD, and Nvidia also increased their prices.

Are Gaming Laptops Worth It? – Reasons For High Prices  

Are Gaming Laptops Worth It – Reasons For High Prices
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Many people buy laptops just for gaming purposes. Apart from that, gaming laptops are created in such a way that they always perform at their best. Since gaming requires a laptop to be heavy-duty, they are exceptionally popular among youngsters. If you want a laptop for gaming, only then should you buy a gaming laptop.

On the other hand, all gaming laptops are not equal in performance and price. Some perform better than others due to the reason that some have better components. The following are the major reasons why gaming laptops are expensive:

1. Better Battery  

Better Battery  
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People buy gaming laptops because they want to play games in other places or they need the laptop while going to another place when they are not gaming. In both cases, a good battery backup is needed. However, no matter how good is your gaming laptop, if you want to play a high-end game, it will consume a lot of power and charging, which will eventually require you to charge the Battery.

2. Compact Built Of Components  

Compact Built Of Components
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In laptops, the components are compatible with each other. That is why every laptop brand comes with its own assembly and designs. Furthermore, these components are smaller and more compact than PC components. It is important for manufacturers to ensure that there is no issue with gaming laptops.

3. Better Heat Control  

Better Heat Control  
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Overheating is a major issue with gaming laptops, especially when the user runs a high-end game. In PCs, since there are many ventilation options, the heat passes well. However, in laptops, this is not possible since they are compact. Hence, the components need to be of high quality.

4. The Graphics Card Factor: Why Are Video Cards So Expensive?  

 The Graphics Card Factor Why Are Video Cards So Expensive 
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Graphics Cards are also known as GPUs. Although GPUs are expensive in general, they are more expensive on laptops and have different performances. If you want to know why GPUs are so expensive, the answer is that GPUs in laptops are embedded in the motherboard and are quite compact. Despite that, GPUs in laptop tries to provide optimum FPS rates, visual processing, and image processing to ensure a high-quality gaming experience.

5. Better Laptop Components  

Better Laptop Components  
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Since gaming laptops are required to produce better performance than ordinary laptops, they are manufactured really well. Hence, these manufacturers focus on producing gaming laptops with better components. Furthermore, the assembly of gaming laptops requires more time.


Hope you have found the answer to the question of why laptops are so expensive in 2023. If you are intent on buying gaming laptops in the year 2023, then you should prepare yourself to pay a high price. Due to high manufacturing costs, and supply chain problems, the cost of laptops has increased. What do you think about the rising cost of laptops? Share your opinion in the comments section.

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